What You Should Know About Us

Why Choose Earth's Natural Clay

Have you searched dozens of websites for natural remedies, only to find not enough information to make an informed decision? Do you feel overwhelmed with too much information? Maybe you’ve researched a particular remedy, but find conflicting opinions on what works best. Have you had a question about a product, but cannot find a phone number to call? The Internet can be incredibly useful in helping you to find reliable and safe natural health products. The flip side is that anyone with a computer and Internet access can put information out there without having either researched or tested the remedy.

Earth’s Natural Clay was created to help you in two ways:

  1. Increase the availability and affordability of one of nature’s most versatile natural remedies - calcium bentonite clay and
  2. Provide fact- and experience-based education on calcium bentonite clay as well as nature’s many other sources of health and wellness.

On this website, you will find fact-based information about calcium bentonite clay and its many uses. You will also find a checklist of questions to use when evaluating if a given clay is good for you and your family. After you evaluate the information on our website including the type of conscious company we are, we hope you’ll choose to become a member of our tribe and buy calcium bentonite clay from us. If you’re still in research mode, consider joining our newsletter, sent 3 times/month. In it, we feature one article about bentonite clay or another of nature’s source of health and wellness. We also announce our monthly special and new retailers where you can find our products.

Still Not Sure?

We must be doing something right, because Earth’s Natural Clay has been around since 2005. Since then, thousands of people just like you have chosen to buy calcium bentonite clay from us. Here are some of the things they’ve told us about our clay and our company:

 “I love your site, your service and your products. I will be back in the future.”

“I’ve used this clay in baths for detoxing after a far infrared sauna. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to clean up after the bath, and by how well I sleep every time I use it. I loved the experience so much that I ordered the 8 lb. bucket of it and have been using it regularly. Customer service is excellent and communications have been very personal.”

“My mom would like to order some clay like I have. I think she wants four pounds as well. By the way, my husband is eating the stuff and is finding that it is helping his irritable bowel situation. Nothing else has helped him.”

“I have to say I never imagined how amazing bentonite clay would be. I have healed terrible burns and it is currently healing my son (he is two and has heavy metals higher than normal which are going down. He does not have autism, but that is probably where that road would lead).”

Read more testimonials here. Want to know if calcium bentonite clay can help YOU or your loved one? Ask us about your situation here or give us a call at (619) 840-8467.

Why We’re Here

After 30+ years in corporate America, Janet Lancaster was ready to make a change and become a small business owner once again. She bought Earth’s Natural Clay in February 2011, after calcium bentonite clay resolved a 25-year old chronic health condition. As the business grew, Janet talked to more and more people that restored their heath and recovered from serious ailments by using Earth’s Natural Clay. Hearing these first-hand stories is what drives us to fulfill our mission of educating people about the amazing power of calcium bentonite clay. You can read some of these inspiring stories of healing here.

About Us

Our Mission, Vision, and Values center around bringing the power of pure calcium bentonite clay to those that look to nature first for their health and wellness needs. Our products detoxify, purify, alkalize, cleanse, exfoliate and strengthen with virtually no side effects. While the use of clay dates back millennia, the confusing, cluttered marketplace requires that we educate people on its uses and benefits. We are committed to educating people looking for alternatives from nature’s many sources of health and wellness, not just the products we create and market.

The company that owns the Earth’s Natural Clay brand - Save the Planet Janet - has its roots in respecting and caring for the environment. We consider our impact on the environment with every decision we make from marketing to sourcing to daily operations.

One of our core values is community. We enjoy sharing some of the fruits of our labor with non-profit organizations that serve people in both our local and global community in ways that align with our values of stewardship, sustainability, fair trade and integrity. Read about the organizations we support here.

In addition to educating people on nature's many sources of health and wellness, we want to help other small business owners and entrepreneurs find their way to freedom by sharing our experiences growing the Earth's Natural Clay brand. You can learn more about the lessons we've learned and resources we love on the Grow Your Small Business page on this website.