Skin Conditions and Clay Testimonials


"I love this clay!  I take it internally twice a day and notice a difference in everything when I don't!  I take it when I wake up and before bed.  I notice in the mornings, while I may not be ready to run a mile, I am not sluggish or groggy.  I suffered from adult acne and this clay has tremendously helped with that.  It is my religion. I cannot sing its praises enough.  I chose this clay because of the location and affordability.  I have used other clay's and hands down will only ever buy here again! Awesome products!"

Emily H.

"I've been drinking this clay for over a year now, and am still impressed with the benefits.  Though my teen years are long past, I had always had issues with my skin, particularly scattered bouts of acne.  Since starting the clay, my skin is amazing.  I have also definitely noticed fewer digestive issues.  I drink the recommended amount when I get up in the morning; was very pleased that it isn't at all unpleasant in taste or texture.  Great stuff!"

June D.

"I ordered the Calcium Bentonite Green Clay for a bunch of my friends and family. The clay is quite amazing. We have used it for externally for bruises, skin problems like Psoriasis, eczema, bites and boils as well as taken it internally for cleansing and detox."

"A friend who suffers from stomach acid immediately notice the difference when she took the clay, her stomach immediately felt more settled. Another friend used it on skin boils, two days and the pus and infection was gone. Boils were so bad this friend need to get them surgically removed."

"My son has very bad acne and taking the clay internally and using clay in place of soap in the shower has helped him with controlling the acne. Another friend has severe Psoriasis, arms and legs has been for years covered with thick scaly red and white flakes. He has tried everything from Chinese medicine to steroids but the skin seemed resistant to getting better. He applied Calcium Bentonite topically every other day over night and after one month the skin he skin is almost all back to normal. Regular healthily skin can finally be seen after years of thick red inflamed tissues."

"My family finds it easiest to make up a whole bottle using a glass container with plastic cap then drink a shot morning, afternoon and evening. This avoids constipation as the clay is consume over the course of the day and we find a small shot glass taken several times a day actually helps with bowel movement. I have a few friends who are currently taking the clay to offset chemo. They have only started so I don't have too much I to report right now."

"The taste of the clay is actually very pleasant. Most people have an issue digesting the knowledge they are taking clay however if they drink the shot without knowing nearly 10 out or 10 finds the taste quite pleasant."

"Animals like Elephants, Rhinos and hippos spends hours in the wild bathing in mud. I used to always think this was a way for them to stay cool in the hot sun. As I am using the clay both topically and internally I've come up with another hypothesis about why animals spends hours bathing in mud. In the wild animals eat what ever they can get, often meats may be rotting or perhaps vegetation could be poisonous. Diarrhoea and food poisoning could be deadly to animals in the wild. Unlike humans who can seek the assistance of doctors or hospitals animals in the wild must stay healthy. The hours of bathing could be more as detox and for health reason rather then simply to stay cool. I highly recommend trying clay for any ailments that you cannot find a cure for."

Jeanne L.


Arm Pit Odor

In the email, I explained that I switched from a conventional deodorant/ antiperspirant to a “natural” deodorant in mid-December. The new product worked great for about 7 weeks. By great, I mean if I applied it every 6 hours or so, I would remain odor free. But, as I continued to use it, the length of time that it worked decreased. About a month ago, I realized that 1 hour after showering and using the natural deodorant, my armpits were beginning to smell. I live in Pennsylvania and it was cold. I was not exercising. So I decided to read online reviews again and look for a new deodorant. But I found that no matter what product people were using, the reviews were similar. People loved the products initially but after a few weeks or months, the products were no longer effective.

I didn’t want to go back to harmful antiperspirants. I didn’t want to waste money on natural products that didn’t work. And I didn’t want to smell stinky. By this time, I had convinced myself that it is crazy to put any man-made product under my arms. Isn’t there something really natural that works? Out of desperation, I tried mixing bentonite clay with a little water and leaving it under my arms for about 10 minutes. Then I showered. To my surprise, I went about 12 hours without any odor forming. The next day I left the clay on my armpits for longer. The results were better. I got through the whole day with no odor but when I woke up the next morning, there was a slight odor. I have been doing this routine for nearly a month now and it works very well. I’d like to point out that I am using nothing else under my arms besides your clay. I leave the clay on for about 15 minutes each morning and I meditate while waiting for it to dry. On my busiest days, I might smell a very slight odor before I go to bed IF I put my nose under my arm and inhale deeply. In other words, if I just walked past someone with my arms in normal position, nobody would notice it. I do have a slight odor each morning but again, I have to go out of my way to notice it.

I’m curious to know if you have heard of anyone else getting similar results. I have seen some women doing “armpit detoxes” on youtube by using clay but they seem to do it just once and then return to using natural deodorant. I have looked online and there is just very little information about this topic. I am wondering if what I am doing is safe to do long term. I have learned that the body odor smell that develops is neither the armpit bacteria nor my sweat. It is the combination of the bacteria and sweat. Specifically it is the bacteria breaking down the sweat which causes the odor. I have two theories about why this works. 1) The clay binds with bacteria in the armpit and some bacteria gets washed away in the shower. This leaves fewer bacteria in the armpit to break down sweat and create odors. 2) Maybe the clay is shrinking the pores in my armpits and causing me to sweat less. I still do sweat but it is less sweat than when I was using the natural deodorant and not using clay. Although I wonder if I am sweating less because my body is getting used to being able to sweat. I definitely noticed that the first few days without antiperspirant, I had a surprising amount of sweat in my armpits. I suspect my body wanted to take advantage of the ability to sweat for the first time in over 30 years. Perhaps that impulse has calmed down now. I’m curious to see what will happen as the weather warms up.




"A family member followed a number of prescribed medications and treatments, orally and topically to clear boils that had erupted under the arms, groin area and knee without much success. The boils would not completely heal, resulting in return appointments to the doctor and more medication, and the cycle of pain and frustration continued. Full healing of the boils was experienced with Earth's Natural Internal Use Clay taken orally 1-2x per day and topically applied to the sites. Prevention from any further eruptions with internal use once daily a few times each week. Also, another family member had experienced continual issues with stomach upset without any relief from over-the-counter and prescribed medications, until regular use of the internal use clay. Thank you, thank you...we have much gratitude for Earth's Natural Clay!!"

Annissa L.


"I absolutely love your clay! I have used it internally to detox and feel far younger than my 63 years, and I have used the clay for facials, and wow!  I had a sebaceous cyst by my ear, and now it has stopped filling up.  I wish I would have known about the effectiveness of clay for these types of cysts before I had a surgery to remove one on my face.  It was a tiny cyst, but kept filling up, and the doctor who removed it left me with a long and unnecessary scar.  I would recommend your bentonite clay to anyone.  Thank you for offering such a high quality product.  I will be a life long customer!"

Debra J.


"This is best mud mask I have ever used! My skin feels so smooth, it is amazing. I have small bumps (milia) and this product has been fantastic. I have used numerous products over the past 20 years and this is the first product that actually got rid of the bumps. I have bought the mud mask for two of my neighbors and they love it as well."

Jana C.

Sun Damage

"I have been going to bed with the hydrated clay (thin layer) on this place on the side of my nose where I have discoloration, blotchiness, probably from sun and part age spots of sorts....and have been noticing after a week or so of doing this that now there is a consistent patch that is totally clear though I need to improve my artistry in terms of applying other words increase the area because the perimeter of the clear spot now looks by contrast...blotchy...hard to explain- should see if it comes out in a photo to send you. I am actually happy about that but like I said now I need to do the surrounding area."

Susan B.

Diaper Rash

Here's a testimonial from my daughter-in-law Laura:

"When I was in Chicago in March I gave Laura the clay samples you sent with me for the new baby. I wrote tips on how to use - such as diaper rash, slivers, injuries, facial make, etc. on the top of the jar. Not two days after I returned home, her two year old son Caden, who doesn't like anything hanging around in his diaper, suddenly had a sore the size of a dime on his butt when he woke up one morning. When the old reliable [enter name brand diaper cream here] didn't work at all, Laura remembered the clay I had just brought her. She says it was like a miracle how quickly the sore healed. They only applied the clay a few times at bedtime. There's a scar there now as a reminder how clay heals. Just thought you'd like to know."


Itchy Skin

To whom it may concern. I would just like to let you know, that since using the bentonite clay my itchy burning on my back has almost cleared. I have been fighting this problem for 8 months. Will order again. I am also going to try this on my kitty with skin problems.
Ann L.


"Thanks for the clay! I have used a lot of over the counter clays and yours doesn't dry-out or make my skin get peely. It is really nice stuff."

Megan P.

"This is best mud mask I have ever used! My skin feels so smooth, it is amazing. I have small bumps (milia) and this product has been fantastic. I have used numerous products over the past 20 years and this is the first product that actually got rid of the bumps. I have bought the mud mask for two of my neighbors and they love it as well."

Jana C.

"I absolutely love your Calcium Bentonite Clay. For the last year, I have been searching for and purchasing clays from different companies. Some clays were expensive and some clays were not. Since there are so many clay companies selling different types and different grades of clay, you really don't know which one is the best. Even after using them, you never really feel that this is the one you want to keep as your life long clay, the clay you want to use both internally and externally. Well, last month I came across the Earths Natural Clay website. It looked professional, and read professional. It was a bit pricey, but I decided to give it a try. I purchased the Calcium Bentonite Clay. It was and is everything I have been looking for. The consistency is beautiful. When doing a mask it goes on smooth and creamy, and leaves your skin glowing. I have not used it internally as of yet, but I am sure It will do everything that it is supposed to do. Thank you for offering a product that meets my expectations."

Tauliba M.

Old Blemishes

"Love using the clay for facial masque. It doesn't dry my skin out yet cleans out the pores.  I had these bumps on my cheeks,old pimples that I wasn't about to extract, and the clay masque has flattened those bumps by about 75% at least so far.  I sometimes used the masque every day and it's not too strong, nor does it dry my skin out to use that often."

Robin B.

"Mother didn't want to ingest the clay but I at least got her to try it as a facial mask and she loves it.  She said she can feel her skin tightening."

Melissa D.

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"We ordered a bath bag last time and loved it so much, that's why I ordered 4 this time.
My son, who gets the worst eczema of us all, always asks for a "clay bath". I just sprinkle enough to turn the water, and it keeps the bumps away and keeps him from itching (he still gets the edible one in smoothies/brownies). Its been great. Clay puts [enter name brand here] oatmeal baths to shame. I'm so glad you offer the baths at a less expensive price. It has come in so handy with spring allergies."

Christine P.

"I love your products! I recommend the clay to all my friends and I carry some hydrated clay in my purse during the summer so we can apply as needed for bug bites. I have also used it on my daughter's eczema and it has helped her tremendously."

H. Sankah

Large Pores

"I have used the clay for almost a week now each night under my eyes and around my nose (very large pores) and I can definitely tell the difference! Pores have shrunk at least 50% which thrills me BECAUSE now I don't feel like I need to wear such a heavy coat of base makeup. I've actually been wearing powder only :) I've searched the internet for a few years ALMOST buying promising products to reduce pore size, but the reviews are always iffy."

Kim Q.

"I'm 60 yrs old and have been fascinated with and have used skin care products, including masques since I was 19 yrs old.  I'm a huge fan of before and afters and have to tell you that using the clay (for internal or external use) is the best masque EVER.  It cleans my pores, seems to tighten my skin, and brings clarity and radiance to my complexion. The masque also seems to eliminate what's left of my oily zone, yet without drying out my skin in other places.  It also helps smooth some bumps I've had for the past few years that even professional facialists have not been able to improve.  My sister-in-law was visiting for a week and she has adult acne and excessive oily skin even though she's 60.  We applied the masque on the days she was here and her skin was so improved!  She made me send some clay home with her :)  Ladies (and men), you need look no further for the perfect masque."

Robin Barr

Hyperpigementation (Melasma)

"The dark splotches on my skin are completely gone now and new paler skin after a few days of your Muscle Mud application. Has blended 95% with other skin color so I barely notice where it was!"

Susan B.

"This clay is incredible!  I have been using it in 3 day cleanses for about 4 weeks.  My skin has cleared up, no more splotches and I have more energy.  I have started making my own toothpaste. Bentonite clay, organic extra virgin coconut oil. It has whitened my teeth and my once swollen, red gums are pink and much healthier looking."

Joan M.

Pre-Cancerous Lesions

"I recently had two pre-cancerous spots removed and decided to try a test.  Both removals were quite deep. One I treated with a calcium clay mix on the bandage, the other per doctor's instruction.  After a week, the one with the clay had started to fill in nicely, while the other one was red and sore.  I figured that was long enough for the test and started treating both with clay!  Now they are both filled in and healed.  I really wish i had taken pictures!!!!  Love this wonderful clay!"

Miriam R.


"Just wanted to THANK YOU for thinking of me with the clay bath and mask. I used the bath last night and it was AWESOME !!! [sp] It took about 90 % of the scales off and stopped the itching immediately. I was ready to scratch my skin off last night at bedtime and so I thought I would give the bath a try, also my joint pain OMG. When I laid down last night I hurt so bad and my joints were so swollen and when I got out of the bath, I had NO PAIN at all, even my bone spurs in my feet didn't hurt. Last night was the best nights sleep I have had in a long time, so THANK YOU again !!"

Bonnie B.

"Bath clay is a great product. I use it for my Psoriasis on my legs. I spread it on and cover it with saran wrap before bedtime. It's not a cure, but what is. A great help with the cracking, scaling, and itching. You can't beat the price, especially with the free shipping. As far as the thickness goes, I use a little less than 3 to 1, plus a tablespoon. I like mine a little thicker. You just have to play with it a little to get the right consistency you like."

Dan C.

"I have had rash on the top part of my feet for the last five years. I have tried everything including shea butter my friend brought back for me when she was in Africa. To my disappointment nothing helped. I thankfully never gave up because I used the Earth Natural Clay and within two weeks I had no signs of a rash. When my rash wants to act up I apply a very little of the clay and it is gone within hours."

Corrine W.

"My husband has had a weird skin condition since the military that comes out every so many years. Every doctor has been stumped and a bit freaked out by it. I gave him some clay to drink and used it on him topically as well. Instead of having to take the strongest antibiotics out there, it was better the next day! And one other thing! We came down with the flu about 2 weeks ago. Clay helped us recover nicely along with some other natural remedies like oregano and honey. I didn't have to buy [enter name brand OTC remedies here]. Makes me wish I lived in house hewn from a bentonite clay mountain. :)"

Christine P.

"I've tried so many different things to help relieve my psoriasis--creams, lotions, coconut oil (topically and internally) a meat & dairy free diet, apple cider vinegar (topically and internally), probiotics, a gluten free diet...the list goes on and on--and nothing has seemed to help. I started drinking your clay on May 1st and I already see and feel a difference...only a few days later! My skin does cycle through periods of relative calm and harsh flare-ups, but I have a feeling that my improved skin, while drinking your clay, is more than just a coincidence. I just wanted to say thank you!!!"

Amy C.

Skin Lesions (Pleva)

"A year and a half ago I suddenly developed a dreadful skin condition that has been recently biopsied and diagnosed as Pleva...a condition which has no known cause and presents itself as a chicken-pox like rash ... Itchy in nature and often blistering. The spots can be small or up to a half an inch in diameter, blister badly and leave brown scars! I suffered my outbreaks mostly on my lower legs but many other places as well.

The most effective treatment is UV treatment but also in some cases liver damaging drugs are prescribed! An anti inflammatory diet is also recommended! I followed all protocols for my condition and was able to in some manner keep things calm but my skin was always in constant eruption. I believed in my heart that this inflammatory condition was a sign that I had an overload of toxins in my body perhaps metal...which lead me to investigate heavy Metal Toxicity. I was fully intending to get tested but stumbled upon a world of information about Clay! I had nothing to lose in trying a regime of Clay and it certainly was hugely less expensive and less stressful than a regime of tests and Chelation therapy so I began with Bentonite hydrated clay every day and then 2 weeks later added Clay Baths to my routine!

For the first time in a year and a half my body is clear of all the Pleva spots! Wow! I am singing from the highest mountain to all who will hear... Clay is a Must-Have for all of us! We are bombarded with toxins and metals every day and we desperately need to cleanse ourselves of these invaders so we can heal naturally! I am a living example that it is possible to go beyond treating the symptoms and get to the underlying cause! closing I must say how amazed and perplexed I am how few people know about Healing Clay! I guess I'll sing louder!"


"I love the clay-- very easy to drink also it is helping to clear up my pleva, not as bad as it was I hope with time it will go away all together.  Also no constipation !!"

Jean M.

Rectal Warts

"I am writing this note to say that the clay was like a miracle for me. I have rectum warts that are VERY PAINFUL. I could hardly walk. I was introduced to Earth's Natural Clay and one application and I felt 100% better. I highly recommend this clay to everyone. Thank you Chuck and Carol for saving me from all that pain."


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