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Press Reviews And MediaHere you can read what professionals in the natural health industry have to say about Earth's Natural Clay's products. This page also includes links to articles we have authored that have appeared in the media. Don't miss what our customers have to say about their experiences with clay on our Testimonials page. Any products that have received customer reviews will have those reviews posted on the product page in our online store.


Inspiring Change with Janet Lancaster on Wellness Universe

Shari Alyse is co-founder of The Wellness Universe, an online directory for finding resources to expand your well being. In this six minute interview, Shari talks with Janet Lancaster, about the mission of Earth's Natural Clay and how she was came to own the company. Janet also discusses what inspires her personally and professionally and shares her message to the world. Watch the interview here.

Interview with Janet Lancaster on Outside Health and Fitness

Steven Stearns is a healthy lifestyle and outdoor fitness expert. He hosts a weekly podcast where he shares natural health and fitness advice and interviews with experts from the fields of nutrition, fitness and health. In this 20-minute interview, Janet Lancaster, owner of Earth's Natural Clay, explains what bentonite clay is and how it works to detoxify the body and return it to health. She also shares a testimonial from a cancer patient that is using clay to combat the side effects of chemotherapy. Listen to the interview here.


Clay Bath Review - Musings From A Stay At Home Mom

Melanie Swan recently reviewed both our Bath Clay and Lavender Soak. She even shared the clay with her too cute son Samuel. There's a funny story about that, so be sure to read the complete review! 

Avoid Toxic Ingredients - Create Your Own Bentonite Clay Mask

In this article on, Janet Lancaster, owner of Save the Planet Janet, explains some of the common, toxic ingredients found in what many might think are natural clay masks. Clay is well-known as a powerful detoxifier and circulation enhancer when hydrated and applied to skin.

Drinking Powder Review - Savvy Saving Couple

Amy Desrosiers recently reviewed our best-selling Drinking Powder. Amy is a busy wife and mother of three but worked clay into hr routine. Read her post on how she benefited from it by taking it internally as well as using it as the best clay mask EVER!

Drinking Powder Review - Two Classy Chics

Sherrie Thompson hadn't considered drinking clay until now. She started by using it topically for poison oak and then 'graduated' to using it as tooth polish. She eventually dove in and adding drinking clay to her daily routine. Read more about Sherrie's experience with Earth's Natural Clay here.

 Wound Warrior Review - Natural & Frugal and Raising Six Kids

Cheree Tea has used calcium bentonite clay in the past, but had never tried a pre-mixed mud before. She was getting ready to go on vacation with her husband and clan of six kids.

Read about the many ways Cheree used our Wound Warrior for everything from a face mask to a deodorant to treating bites, bruises, burns, scratches and other assorted boo-boos!