Our Company and Our Team

Our Company And Our Team

Save the Planet Janet is the name of the company that operates Earth's Natural Clay and develops and markets products under the Earth’s Natural Clay brand. Save the Planet Janet - the company name - is also the name that appears on credit card statements for purchases from this site.

Save the Planet Janet was derived from a nickname our owner, Janet Lancaster, was given by a former co-worker who recognized Janet’s persistent efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle – and encourage others to follow suit. This is not just a marketing play, but is in fact, how she lives her life. In fall 2011, The San Diego Reader featured a story on urban gardening, for which Janet and her husband Kelly were interviewed for their efforts to replace their thirsty front lawn with an organic, edible garden. We are delighted that the local food movement is growing by leaps and bounds around America and is getting the media attention it deserves. Janet also served on the Slow Food Urban San Diego board as Volunteer Committee Chair from December 2010 until January 2012.

Provided they meet our quality standards and overall requirements, we always attempt to source products and supplies locally so that our carbon footprint is reduced. Our new, handmade soap line is made in San Diego less than five miles from our operation, which allowed us to reduce the price of our soaps by 35%.One of the areas we've looked at is packaging. Our goal is to utilize the greenest packaging available, while keeping costs in mind. We use shredded junk mail or Pelaspan Bio loose fill for packaging. This loose fill product consists of vegetable starch and is water soluble and compostable. They even melt in your mouth! Shipping labels are printed on the back side of once-used paper. Our hosting provider purchases wind energy credits to offset their energy consumption.

Janet Lancaster

Janet Lancaster has owned and operated Earth's Natural Clay since February 2011. This is the third small business Janet has owned and operated. A long time consumer of alternative healing and natural remedies, Janet was amazed with the healing power of calcium bentonite clay she used on a pilonidal cyst she was suffering from when she met Carol and Chuck Rock. Janet's professional background is in corporate America as a Business Process Manager, Organizational Change Management Lead, and Business Systems Analyst. She also spent much of her career in high technology sales and marketing. Her dream of working full time growing the Earth’s Natural Clay brand was realized in February 2012 when the chapter of her career in corporate America ended as part of a layoff.

Danielle Miller

Danielle Miller is a social media specialist based in Hawaii. She worked as an event planner in her home state of Massachusetts after graduating from Bryant University with a degree in Marketing. She began blogging in 2008 during a road trip across the United States. Two years later, Danielle spent another 5 months exploring the country before buying a one-way ticket to Hawaii. She is currently living on the island of Maui with her husband where she embraces a more all-natural, wellness centered lifestyle. First introduced to clay by her aunt, Danielle enjoys learning about new and creative ways to incorporate clay into everyday life. Above all else, her true passion comes from sharing what she has learned with others. As our Community Manager, Danielle develops our newsletter, manages our social media outlets, and contributes regularly to our blog. To read more blog posts written by Danielle visit her website here  or follow her on Facebook.


Dr. Al Plechner, DVM

Alfred J. Plechner, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, a graduate of the UC-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine has practiced in Los Angeles for nearly fifty years. Dr. Plechner formulated the first hypoallergenic foods for pets. He also identified endocrine-immune imbalances caused by defective adrenals as well as estrogen dominance in both male and female animals. His clinical findings have been published nationally in veterinary and human medical journals as well as popular magazines. Dr. Plechner has studied calcium Montmorillonite clay for more than thirty years and has seen magnificent results in thousands of cats, dogs, horses and other animals he's treated. He recommends calcium Montmorillonite clay to every patient he sees. Watch a video interview with Dr. Plechner talking about his experience with clay and animals here. He has authored and co-authored more than twenty published works and five books on pet and human health. More about Dr. Plechner's work at www.drplechner.com.

Carol Rock

Carol Rock – along with her husband Chuck – cofounded Earth's Natural Clay in December 2005. Together they successfully built the business while semi-retired. In 2011, Carol and Chuck decided to fully retire in order to enjoy more time with their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. With her extensive knowledge of calcium bentonite clay and alternative health and healing, Carol continues to consult with Earth's Natural Clay.

Previously, Carol started and ran the pet clothing company Pet Toppers for 14 years. She was also a movie memorabilia Merchandising Consultant and owned and operated a booking agency for an international fashion photographer working with television personalities and fashion models. She has founded, operated, and sold many successful businesses including the Atlantis Reef Resort in Belize, Central America and an Import/Export company selling merchandise from Ecuador.

Chuck Rock

Chuck Rock – along with his wife Carol – cofounded Earth's Natural Clay in December  2005. Chuck was responsible for all aspects of web design and development as well as the accounting operations. Together, they successfully built the  business while semi-retired. In 2011, Chuck and Carol decided to fully retire in order to enjoy more time with their children, grandchildren and  great-grandchildren. With his expertise in business management and with alternative health and healing, Chuck continues to consult with Earth's Natural Clay. Chuck also  owns and operates Rock Solid Bookkeeping and Accounting. Chuck previously worked as a real estate broker in Durango, Colorado and as a Customer Service Representative for SkyWest Airlines in Mesa, Arizona. He was fortunate enough to apply his knowledge of accounting and information systems on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui for four years. Chuck’s career in finance and computers was preceded by several years’ service  in the United States Navy.