Other Clay Testimonials


"I emailed you about a week ago with some other questions regarding the use of the products I purchased from you, the bath clay, internal clay and lotion. I am very happy with all of them, so far! It seems immediately (the next day) after ingesting the first ounce of clay, my edema in my ankles was almost completely gone. Could that have been that fast from that little amount of clay?"


"I have been going to the doctor as well as specialists for leg pain and swelling. I was unable to walk very far without my legs aching and I was also out of breath. I picked up a flyer for Earth's Natural Clay powder and decided to give it a try. Within a week I am almost free of the achy swollen legs and I am even more excited to breath normally again!!! I have not felt this good in years and I am so excited with my results!! I am telling everyone about this product as it truly is a life changer!"

Donna G.


"Once I started taking it I could notice a difference in my energy level, my overall feeling of well-being, and I was also able to identify parasites being expelled from my body. I have since had better mind clarity, and much more energy and ability to function at a rate/pace I haven't been at in a long time."

Dawn K.

"I love this clay!  I take it internally twice a day and notice a difference in everything when I don't!  I take it when I wake up and before bed.  I notice in the mornings, while I may not be ready to run a mile, I am not sluggish or groggy.  I suffered from adult acne and this clay has tremendously helped with that.  It is my religion. I cannot sing its praises enough.  I chose this clay because of the location and affordability.  I have used other clay's and hands down will only ever buy here again! Awesome products!"

Emily H.

"I've been slowly taking my alkalizing strategies from one phase to the next. When I read about the benefits of dry bentonite clay for external and internal use I thought, why not?  I casually researched for about a week to figure out all the criteria that I wanted to see satisfied. My first criteria: I didn't want my clay to be irradiated. Second: the mineral profile - gotta look out for that aluminum! I eventually came across Earth's Natural Clay and, after reading their comprehensive and thorough details of the different clay products, I was ready to make a purchase. The deal sealer was the fact that the clay is naturally sourced from Southern California - thus, a local source. I bought 1 lb of the calcium bentonite green clay for internal use. My experiences have been positive. I make smoothies with my clay and add psyllium husk to help with the passing of the clay. So far, my favorite smooth: strawberries, mango, ginger, greens, coconut water. And the effects are very evident. I'm feeling lighter, more energetic, and, overall, cleaner. I can feel my digestive system working! I love it! I'll be buying 4 lbs next time!"

Hayley C.

"I have been drinking clay for a few months and have really noticed a difference in how I feel, for the better!
This is the first time that I ordered the drinking clay from Earth's Natural Clay and I have to say it tastes better than the brand I had been using. I also had the product within a few days. I had previously ordered the tooth powder which I use daily as I drink red wine and have a lot of crowns. It brightens my teeth and I think (but would need my dentist to confirm on the next visit) that my gum pockets are getting smaller. Fingers crossed.
I will definitely recommend Earth's Natural Clay."

Eunice S.

"Thank you for the info. Your products are amazing and are helping me stop feeling so lousy!"



"I love this stuff.  I take baths in it and it instantly destresses me and relieves my aches and pains.  I have fibromyalgia, so it is very effective in calming my nerves, relaxing me, and easing some of my muscle pain."


First Aid

"If I could only have one thing in my medicine cabinet (and I have young kids) it would be clay. Even over the standard emergency kit antibiotics. Take care and thank YOU for helping me and the family heal with clay."

Christine P.

Plant Food

"This product is our long time secret for growing healthy bamboo.  We sprinkle it dry around the base of our plants three times a year .  It's gradually absorbed by the plants when we water them.  They just love it!"


Restful Sleep

"I’ve been taking the clay internally daily. I took the clay bath and wasn’t quite prepared for the intense relaxation afterward, but it was an absolutely fabulous bath!! Both Butch and I have been doing the foot bath too, and I find it such a wonderful experience! I’m beginning to feel the difference in how my feet are feeling at night also, sleep is much sounder! As far as taking the clay internally, I’m feeling much more grounded, and have much less nervous energy, which is what I needed. It almost has me feeling a bit lethargic, but not lazy…I figure my body is getting used to being more grounded and is in the process of cleansing. Anyway, thanks so much for the book, the clay and all the information you shared with me, I’ve used the clay as a mask and loved it! I put it on the spot my arm and it’s almost totally healed. I can see the possibilities are endless! Thanks again and I hope to see you again soon!"


"After bathing in my clay, my skin feels silky soft for days!"


Alkalizing the Body

"I am working to strengthen my bones and have been reading about the acidifying effects of so many foods.  We need to have an 80% alkaline balance to keep our bones healthy.   I love that I am easily able to alkalize my body and detoxify with this wonderful clay."


Pilonidal Cyst

"I was diagnosed with a pilonidal cyst about 20-25 years ago. It can be years between flare ups but when they happen - ouch! At diagnosis I was told surgery could cut it out but that would mean six weeks on my stomach in bed and no guarantee it would never recur. I passed on that option.

Shortly after I learned about calcium bentonite clay last year, I had a flare up. I applied a poultice to the wound and covered with a paper towel overnight. My husband said it was about 50% gone the next day. On day two, I repeated the overnight treatment and when I awoke, the inflammation was gone - along with the pain. Wow! I was sold."

Janet L.

Broken Nose

"My grandson broke his nose on a Friday when visiting friends out of state. The hostess had some of your clay and suggested putting a clay poultice on the face and after one application, there was considerable improvement. Another poultice was applied a second day and I couldn't believe my eyes at how much it had improved! He went to his doctor on Monday and he couldn't believe that the nose had just been broken 3 days before. I am ordering your clay for myself now and I'm very optimistic that it will help me with something I'm dealing with."

Barbara W.


"I found another use for clay. Last night I got several splinters under my finger nail. They were too deep to get with a tweezers so I experimented with putting a clay poultice on the affected site while I slept. This morning I was able to pull out most of the splinters as the clay had drawn them out far enough to grab with a tweezers. There is one splinter still in there that I am going to continue putting clay on in hopes that it will also be drawn out. It is so amazing what clay can do!!!!"

H. Sankah

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