Mission, Vision, and Values


The mission of Earth’s Natural Clays is to bring the power of pure calcium bentonite clay to people like you who are seeking natural, alternative remedies that promote health and wellness for yourself and your pets.


Our vision is that thousands of people around the world will become educated about the power of pure calcium bentonite clay and that we've expanded its availability in the marketplace. We are committed to educating people looking for alternatives from nature’s many sources of health and wellness, not just the products we create and market.


Our Customers

We are grateful for you, the many customers that choose to do business with us. Without you we have no market. We follow the golden rule in all our dealings and treat you the way we would like to be treated. We only *ever* charge for shipping what our shipping vendors charge us - we never markup shipping or add handling charges. We make ourselves available to you to answer your questions seven days a week via email, telephone and Skype.

Our Planet

We value mother earth’s treasures and our natural environment. We are stewards of this beautiful planet and it is our responsibility to treat it with reverence and respect.


We follow sustainable business practices in our business and in the larger world. We strive to source recycled, sustainable products in our supply chain.


We value integrity in our relationships and dealing with our customers and suppliers. We live by the golden rule and treat others the way we’d like to be treated. We handle problems immediately and to your complete satisfaction.

Fair Trade

We value fair trade and commit to have our employees earn a living wage to support themselves and their families. We strive to do business with suppliers that operate from the same premise.


We value community. We enjoy sharing some of the fruits of our labor by donating money and products to non-profit organizations that serve people in our global community in ways that align with our values of  stewardship, sustainability, fair trade and integrity.

In addition, we share our experiences growing our brand, to help other small business owners and entrepreneurs pursue their dreams. Learn more on our Grow Your Small Business page.