Meet Dr. Al Plechner, DVM

Clay Treatments For Your PetsDr. Al Plechner, DVM is a practicing veterinarian and consults with veterinarians, medical doctors and laypeople on the causes of and treatment for modern day catastrophic illnesses in animals and people. Dr. Plechner has been recommending mineral supplementation with calcium Montmorillonite clay for all his patients for more than thirty years.

Plechner Syndrome is the focus of Dr. Plechner's work and is a major hormonal immune system imbalance that he has discovered to be responsible for many conditions ranging from autoimmune diseases, cancer, common allergies and reproductive failure. Dr. Plechner is eager to work with owners to determine if they may be suffering from Plechner syndrome and if so, return their pets to good health with his proven protocol.  Learn more about this syndrome and his treatment protocol at Dr Plechner writes: 

"Mineral deficiencies may be involved with many common disorders suffered by dogs and cats. I did not reach this conclusion through sophisticated analysis or electronic gadgetry but through the simple medium of supplementing the diets of animals with calcium Montmorillonite clay, a trace mineral compound containing the micronutrients required for good health.

"Based upon personal observations involving approximately 3,700 dogs and 900 cats, I found this trace mineral compound added to their food or water over a six-month period showed:

  • Increased fertility; more viable offspring
  • Reduced itching, scratching and flaky skin
  • In geriatric dogs and cats; increased activity, weight gain and improved condition of the hair coat
  • Animals with heavy flea and fly infestations appear less attractive to insects after three weeks of supplementation
  • Improvement in overall general health.”

Learn more about his work at Visit our YouTube channel to learn more about clay use with pets and Dr. Plechner’s other findings.

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