Learn About Calcium Bentonite Clay

Learn About Calcium Bentonite ClayYou can find a lot of information - and misinformation  - about clay on the Internet. The most important thing to know  when first researching clay is that not all clays are the same. There are vast differences in the quality, origin and effectiveness of clays. Read more about how to compare clays. Please note that all of the information presented here refers exclusively to Earth's Natural Clay. Do not assume that properties of our clay apply to any other clay.

How Clay Works

Our calcium bentonite clay is an amazing gift from nature that was created millions of years ago in the Mojave Desert in our home state of California. It is quite simply volcanic ash that blanketed the area during periods of volcanic eruptions. The ash was covered by successive lava flows, resulting in today's subsurface mines of what is known as calcium bentonite clay. The most recent flows in this area date back 8,000 years. Calcium bentonite clay is a compound of trace minerals in their original, natural form. The clay has a powerful negative ionic charge, which makes it a powerful detoxifier. Read more about how calcium bentonite clay works here.

Using Bentonite Clay Internally and Externally

Food-grade clay can be mixed with water and taken as a tonic of sorts. Our clay is safe enough to drink on a daily basis. Some people drink two ounces of clay water daily for general health and wellness. Others will drink several ounces more every day for a short period of time while working to rid the body of heavy metals, parasites and other toxins. Our Drinking Powder is our calcium bentonite clay for internal [and external] use. Read more about using our calcium bentonite clay internally here.

We also offer a calcium bentonite clay exclusively for external use. Our Bath Powder can be used for clay baths, masks, body wraps and poultices. It is as equally a powerful detoxifier as our Drinking Powder. The main difference is that toxins are removed via the skin, our body's largest organ. Silicon dioxide makes up approximately 26% of our Bath Powder. That is in contrast to our Drinking Powder which has nearly 46% silica dioxide. In addition, our Drinking Powder is milled to 325 screen mesh, making it blend with water better for drinking. Read more about using our calcium bentonite clay externally here.

Reviews of Calcium Bentonite Clay

Our products have been reviewed by popular bloggers. Don't take our word for it - read their objective reviews here. Do you have a favorite blogger you'd like to review our product? We have a few requirements in order to provide free product, but if you would like us to connect with them to review our products, please contact us.

Testimonials of Calcium Bentonite Clay

As a natural health company, we can neither prescribe nor diagnose. We can however, educate and share with you what others have said about their experience with our clay. All of the calcium bentonite clay testimonials published on this website are from users of our products and our products alone. They are published with permission of course. Read our clay testimonials here.  Educating others about this amazing gift from nature is  much more powerful when our customers share their own experience. If you have a testimonial to share with others, please contact us.

Mineral and Microbial Analysis of Clay

There are two aspects to learn about any clay you are considering for purchase:

  • mineral analysis
  • microbial analysis.

Mineral analysis refers to which trace minerals are found in a given clay. Some clays have more sodium, others have more calcium. This matters if someone has high blood pressure, sensitivity to sodium or is seeking to add calcium to their system. Find our mineral analysis here. 

Microbial analysis refers to the cleanliness of clay. Some clays are mined from beneath the surface of the earth and others come from open pit quarries. Open pit quarries are just that - open to the elements and whatever is in the environment around them. Clays that are not handled properly or are otherwise unclean may contain microbes, some of which can be pathogenic. For these reasons, reviewing a clay's microbial analysis is as important as understanding the mineral content. Download the microbial analysis here for our clays here and compare to others you are researching.

One of the best-known uses of clay is in masks, body wraps and poultices. Clay is a powerful yet safe detoxifier. It is even safe for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Clay baths are an excellent way to not only detoxify the body, but to also exfoliate and increase circulation. Read more about how to use clay externally here.

While clay masks are best-known by the masses, alternative health practitioners and people who look to nature first for health and wellness know that clay can be used internally for even greater benefit. In fact, most of our website visitors purchase our Drinking Powder over our Bath Powder. And of course, some people buy both!

About Us

Earth's Natural Clay was started in 2005 by Chuck and Carol Rock. Carol had suffered from acid reflux and both prescription and over-the-counter remedies did not help. A friend recommended she try drinking calcium bentonite clay and in a few short days, her acid reflux was gone. In 2011, Chuck and Carol decided to fully retire to spend more time with their children, grandchildren and GREAT grandchildren. It was then that they met Janet Lancaster, who bought the business. Read more about what we stand for and the people that make this business what it is.

Retail Locations

We are primarily an online business. However, we do have a few retailers in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand where you can purchase our clay. Find retail locations for clay here. If there is an alternative health practitioner or natural health store in your area that you'd like to see carry our products, please let us know. Click here to to let us know the name and location and we'll reach out to them.

Quality Assurance

Bentonite and calcium oxide are both Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) Substances, defined as “a food substance that is not subject to premarket review and approval by FDA because it is generally recognized, by qualified experts, to be safe under the intended conditions of use.” While the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) maintains the GRAS Substances database, the conclusions about GRAS Substances are made by scientific experts outside the FDA.

Earth's Natural Clay and it's suppliers have gone to the expense of independent laboratory mineral analysis and microbial analysis on the clay sold on this website. These can be found by navigating to Clay Mineral Analysis.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.*