Eating Clay and Weight Loss

Eating Clay and Weight Loss

On the red carpet at the Los Angeles Film Festival, just days before the release of the film “The Road Within”, actress Zoe Kravitz told the media she drank clay to help slim down for her role. She shed twenty pounds to play the character Marie, a woman that suffers from anorexia and bulimia. Ms. Kravitz did a cleanse consisting of drinking clay, consuming a Mason jar of pureed veggies and jogging. She went on to say that the cleanse was ‘awful’ and does not recommend others try it. We have to agree! Juice fasting has its place, but any kind of cleanse like the one Zoe Kravitz undertook should be done under the supervision of a health care professional.

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Detoxification and Inch Loss

How bentonite clay can help with weight loss is not that difficult to understand. When the body is exposed to more toxins than it can process and purge, they settle in fatty tissues and fatty organs such as the brain. The more fatty tissue one has, the greater the propensity to store toxins. Toxins are like air in a balloon – a balloon full of air takes up space. When air is released, the mass of the balloon decreases. Detoxification of tissue works the same way. When toxins are eliminated from the tissues of the body, they take up less space.

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Permanent vs. Temporary Inch Loss

Weight loss from losing water is not permanent. Once the body is rehydrated, the weight returns. It is of utmost importance that the body stay well-hydrated for optimal functioning. Water naturally suppresses the appetite and boosts our metabolisms by allowing the kidneys and liver to function properly. A properly hydrated body gives our muscles the ability to contract naturally making us look more tone without spending hours every week at the gym. Read our blog post about how to get more water into your daily routine. While water weight loss may be a quick fix, it’s not a long term solution to a leaner figure.

Weight loss through detoxification, on the other hand, is permanent. Until, that is, the body encounters more toxins than it can process and purge. Toxins are stored in fatty tissues and fatty organs, so staying lean and regularly avoiding and eliminating them can help with maintaining a healthy weight. To learn more about what toxins are, and how to avoid and eliminate them, get our eBook "12 Easy Ways to Detoxify and Lose Weight."

How Bentonite Clay Works

Calcium bentonite clay has a negative ionic charge. When hydrated (mixed in water, for example) and taken internally, Earth’s Natural Clay travels through the body and attracts matter that has a positive charge. Positively-charged matter includes things like toxins, heavy metals, allergens, free radicals, bad bacteria and putrefied fecal matter. These molecules are absorbed by and stick to the surface of the clay molecule. Together they are then eliminated from the body.

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Clay baths are another way to aid detoxification. In this case, toxins are removed from the tissues through the skin. Since the skin is the largest organ of the body and covers a large surface area, clay baths can be very effective in ridding the body of toxins. In addition to pulling toxins through the skin, clay baths increase circulation in the body. This can help relieve joint and muscle pain. This increased circulation typically causes the skin to turn pink or even red. This is perfectly normal and the skin will become less red after bathing.

Clay baths are even safe for children, provided the right amount of clay is used based on the child’s weight. There is mounting research that overexposure to toxins by the unborn and very young may result in autism. There is a great deal of anecdotal evidence that clay baths can help children with autism as well. Read more about clay baths for children here.

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