Digestion and Clay Testimonials

"Being a Holistic Massage Therapist, I value pristine quality. Earth's Natural Clay is exactly that! Originally I purchased this clay after doing a lot of research. Because I'm born and Raised in Los Angeles, I wanted a pure clay that was derived from the geographical area of my birth place as my body would be more receptive to that. I grew up playing in the Mojave Desert as a child as my Dad loved its serenity. I not only wanted Mojave Desert Clay for its rich healing properties, I wanted THE BEST Mojave Clay that was cultivated and sold with Love. I found that with Earth's Natural Clay. I am extremely pleased with not only the quality of the clay but also the swift and efficient very personable customer service. I use the internal clay in glass for internal ingestion daily and also to brush my teeth and do a type of oral oil pull, I also bought a pound of Sodium Bentonite for foot soaks and to pull out toxins from my body that way as well. I'm so happy with both and will be a life long client. My teenagers love it too! Thank you Janet and Earth's Natural Clay for helping heal the world! Xo"

Diana E

Acid Indigestion

"I ordered the clay for my husband and since he started using it he no longer has to take his anti-acid medication. Thank you very much for a terrific product."

Vicki G.

Acid Reflux

"I had suffered with severe heart burn and acid reflux for many years and was suddenly introduced to Earth's Natural Clay by Chuck and Carol Rock. It was only a short time after taking the clay that I felt some very welcome relief. I now take the clay on a regular basis and are not longer suffering with the heartburn and acid reflux. There are other benefits from taking the clay, one being it is all natural, no drugs and made by God. I highly recommend this clay to anyone."


"I have suffered from acid reflux for many years and doctors prescribed drugs have had only limited impact on my health. I have used Earth's Natural Clay only a week or so but I can already feel the difference!"


"My husband has been taking heart-burn medicine for years…with no true results of making the heart-burn go away…since he started drinking the clay the heartburn is gone he hasn’t had any digestion issues…great product!!"


"Me and my husband are using the clay daily. It tastes pretty good, sort of creamy. I don’t have any heartburn since I started using it."

 Ruta V.


"My gastrointestinal issues (20+ years) have been cured by drinking clay!
By chance I heard about this stuff called Calcium Bentonite Clay and how it is used for all sorts of natural health and wellness issues including digestion.  So I purchased a small bag and holy shit (pun) it seemed to help.  So I got a big bag of it and drank the clay water every night for 3 weeks and my constipation and bloating and gas were completely gone.
To make sure it wasn't just a coincidence, I went off the stuff for about 10 days and started feeling terrible again.  After that I've been drinking the dirt (clay) every night since November and feel 100% better."

Casey K.

"I was laxative dependent for 30 years. Doctors just labeled it as "Idiopathic Constipation" and just continually gave me prescriptions for laxatives instead of otc., but no real cure. I finally found a Natural Health Practitioner that prescribed the clay, sending me to your website. I literally started having normal elimination within TWO weeks! I now live a normal life and am no longer a slave to my digestion. I also feel healthier and more energetic in general. The clay saved my life. Thank you."


"The little pouch of clay was just enough for me to get a taste of the benefits, I drank 1 tbsp every morning and night for 3 days, and my digestive system saw a definite improvement. Going to buy the 4 lb pouch soon to start a regiment :)"

Chang D.


"I began using Earth's Natural Clay in December 2005 and have been amazed at the positive response I received for indigestion and heartburn. I have been using medical prescriptions for acid reflux for at least 10 years, but have not had the immediate relief as I have with Earth's Natural Clay. My brother recommended Natural Clay but I was skeptical until I actually tried it. And so happy I did! Using a natural product is a priceless benefit that I consider to be most important reason for using the product. Thank you, Natural Clay."


Internal Bleeding

"My 6 month old son has had blood in his stool since he was 3 weeks old. Dietary changes helped, but not completely. After seeing specialists, no one has come up with a solution (other than formula feed, which isn’t a route I am willing to take right now). However, since it appears to be a “hole” in the intestinal lining, C.P. said clay would heal it up and help stop the bleeding as well as the food reactions. I had never heard of clay before, but I am willing to try anything at this point."

Follow-up Email After Clay Use:

"I started taking 1 oz shots of the clay water every day for myself, and I give 2 small doses to my 6 month old son each day ( in the morning and at night). He has been blood free with normal looking diapers since the day we started it!! This is a huge praise! He’s gone a week without blood before, maybe 3 times in the last 6 months, but 10 days is the longest (and counting) Thank you so much for your product! We intend to keep using it and hopefully in the near future I can start to move out of my horribly restrictive diet and onto a menu with more variety."


Intestinal Problems

"I have been drinking the clay for intestinal problems and have experienced really good results. I am impressed. Also, I have found that I do not have the allergy and sinus problems I usually have this time of year. Praise God for this. I just wanted you to know."


Irritable Bowel

"My mom would like to order some clay like I have. I think she wants four pounds as well. By the way, my husband is eating the stuff and is finding that it is helping his irritable bowel situation. Nothing else has helped him."


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