Clay Mineral Analysis

Clay Mineral Analysis

With so much information and misinformation on the Internet about various types of clay, it's important to know how to choose the best clay for individual use. Read more about how to compare clays. Two very important pieces of information to consider when comparing clays for internal use are:

  • Mineral Analysis
  • Microbial Analysis

Both of these types of analyses are conducted by laboratories. A mineral analysis reports on the various elements and their percentages in  a given clay sample. A microbial analysis reports on specific contaminants such s e. coli, salmonella, yeast and mold found in a given clay sample. For this reason, we consider the microbial report equally if not more important than the mineral analysis. To ensure the clay you will consume is pristine and contaminant-free, we recommend asking for and reviewing this information before using a particular vendor's product. The test results should be on the laboratory stationery and not the vendor's stationery. (Anyone can copy and paste information into a Word document and save it as a PDF.) This page contains both types of reports for our Drinking Powder as well as the Material Safety Data Sheet.

Calcium Bentonite Green Clay for Internal Use

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