Clay Detox Testimonials

"I had a stress test and they put radiation through my veins and some other medical test that had radiation in it also.  I came home drank some of the clay and also took a bath in it. My body was on fire before I used the clay.  I am into Natural Health and I wanted this radiation out of my body now. I noticed within 3 hours how I wasn't on fire anymore and how much better I felt. I  also was bitten by a brown spider on my back this past summer, after the bite I rubbed the clay all over the bite mark and let it dry. The clay dried but I noticed that the part where the bites were it was wet, the clay had pulled all of the poison out! I use the clay as a mask also! I LOVE THIS CLAY!"

Heather S.

"I just completed a 7 day detox cleanse. I took a minimum of 6 oz of liquified clay per day in addition to fresh fruit juices, veggies and soaked  brown rice. My results were amazing! I had more energy, clearer thinking and felt the detox effects more than I have during any previous cleanse! I have used other brands of calcium bentonite clay and found them gritty and definitely unpleasant to take internally.  Earth's Natural clay was a super finely ground powder and I found it to be much easier to take because the liquified clay was completely smooth and creamy and not in the slightest unpleasant to drink. You won't stick to drinking clay and miss out on all the health benefits UNLESS you actually enjoy the clay product you buy. My friend had never used clay before and said it was better than they expected and they felt more of a detox effect than they had ever felt.You will enjoy this clay and at a more reasonable price than many other similar products and with super fast shipping, you can't go wrong."

Maura M.

"I've tried to turn to a more natural lifestyle because I don't like exposing myself to all of the toxins that is in this modern world.  I do a lot of research but happened to come across Calcium Bentonite Clay by accident.  When I come across a health problem now I turn to the clay first, just to see if it works. Please be patient with me because instead of just saying that I LOVE THIS, I would like to share some (or maybe all) of my experiences.

When I first read about Calcium Bentonite Clay it sounded too good to be true.  I made my first purchase, was excited to try it but was afraid to be disappointed. I received the clay and started with the baths, the whole family got clay baths.  My husband works around a lot of chemicals and we noticed that by the end of his bath the clay was a lot darker than the rest of ours, so we took that as a sign that it was doing something.  At that point he had also been exposed to a chemical that caused a lot of brain fog and illness.  (After taking it internally and taking clay baths, his brain fog has lifted)."

Melissa D.

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"I use this for internal cleansing. I love it. Keep a batch in the refrig. Easier to drink when cold.  In 1 day you can feel lighter inside..hard to put words to it . But I strongly recommend it for internal cleanse."

Jim A.

"I loved this product! It’s smooth and creamy tasting...which sounds weird for a clay but there you have it. I also use it in face masks, I mixed it with essential oils and made a tooth polish and I have had a bath in it! I plan on using it as a body dust when the weather gets hot as well. It shipped quickly too!"

Amy W.

"I have tried only one other brand of bentonite, but from that limited experience, this was BY FAR the superior product. I got it primarily to help me detox after a chemical exposure at work. I premix a cup or two with water in a glass jar & I eat/drink a couple tablespoons of that every night before bed. It has a wonderful creaminess, as another reviewer has said. It reminds me of Balkan or Greek yoghurt. It tastes nice... a bit mossy? maybe. I definitely look forward to my evening scoop of it.

I feel a bit ashamed of wasting such good clay but I have also bathed and washed my hair with this, and again found it's much, much better than the cheaper one! This soothes my skin (which is usually itchy and pimpley) and slurps away the excess oils on my hair (The other did nothing). It leaves a bit of dusty residue in my hair (again, the cheaper one did not) which others might rinse more vigorously to remove, but myself I LIKE that dust! It is pretty much invisible & it adds body to my hair and prevents my hair getting oily-looking between washes. I tried the other brand because I live in Canada and was trying to save on shipping costs, but now that I have compared, I believe it's worth paying a little more to get an excellent product. I will be a loyal Earth's Natural Clay customer from now on!"

Katherine M.


"I wanted to wait a full two weeks before I assessed this product. Sometimes you use something and it helps right away but then stops working. I have had severe headaches for the past two years. My doctor calls it stress which I do not believe, because this is actually the least stressed I have felt in years. I have tried vitamins, over the counter and prescription medicines and nothing works or at least not for long. Plus I do not like taking medicines just to cover up what is truly causing the problem. For the past 4 days I have noticed a big change in my headaches, they're gone. I made it through a weekend without them and two days of commuting to and from work. After this week I will stop the detox and give it a two week break to see what happens. I have my fingers crossed this continues to help me, thank you."

Pavelle M.

Heavy Metal Detox

"I have to say I never imagined how amazing bentonite clay would be. I have healed terrible burns and it is currently healing my son (he is two and has heavy metals higher than normal which are going down. He does not have autism, but that is probably where that road would lead)."


"I've used this clay in baths for detoxing after a far infrared sauna. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to clean up after the bath, and by how well I sleep every time I use it. I loved the experience so much that I ordered the 8 lb bucket of it and have been using it regularly. Customer service is excellent and communications have been very personal."


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