Clay Dental Use Testimonials


"I have used this amazing clay both internally and externally for 6 years. The latest use was for an abscess on my gum right above a bridge. It was a large abscess totally filled with pus ( not draining) I cut some cotton rounds into 4ths and applied the hydrated clay and placed it on my gum. I changed it every 4 hours. On day two the gum was draining and the swelling is gone! I have started on antibiotics just as a follow-up."


"I had an abscess in my mouth the size of a gumball and had tried many remedies that didn't work for me. I made a clay poultice and put it in a cheesecloth pouch and put it right on the abscess. It is almost gone after 3 nights of this treatment and it's not hardly red and inflamed anymore. I have told many of my friends about this, including one that has arsenic poisoning. He has started drinking clay and is looking well. He has not yet been retested for arsenic, but is to sleep without his BPAP now! When I research something, I go to about 5 different websites and Earth's Natural Clay was the best. This clay is needed by everyone in this world we live in today. God bless you all!"

Barbara O.

Dental Infection

"I got a severe mouth infection with lesions, swelling, and bleeding gums. Despite prescribed antibiotics, my intuition was telling me to use clay, since I remembered from childhood about its drawing power. I researched on Internet and discovered Earth's Natural Clay, within a few minutes, after taking clay, I experienced soothing and sharp pain got reduced. I continued putting pouches of clay on problem area, on first day swelling got down by 50%, after two days swelling and lesions were gone. When I went to doctor for check up, he mentioned that my intuition was correct and antibiotics would not be as effective in this case."


"John also used the clay for a tooth infection he got while camping. He said that he could feel it draining and the pain stopped and he could keep camping out. The dentist said that the tooth was fine and just cleaned it out with some kind of laser. Got to keep the tooth. I think he would have been in for a root canal or worse if it were not for the clay. So thank you!"


"I've used it to brush my teeth and they feel so clean afterwards."

Melissa D.

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"This tooth polish rocks!  I was turned onto this product by a girlfriend of mine who was ranting and raving about it.  Recently, I had my dentist appointment for my cleaning.  I actually try to go at least 3 x a year, because I tend to have a build up of tarter.  My dentist finished my cleaning so quickly and looked at me and said - what have you been doing; you had no built up tarter nor bleeding?  And there you go - the only change I did was my daily tooth polish, using it twice a day!"

Arianna H.

Teeth Whitening

"I absolutely love this clay. I feel it gives me energy, is a general body health potion, if you will. I drink it before I workout in the morning and in the evening. I also put a little clay powder in a dish and dip my toothbrush in it before I brush. The result is very pretty, white teeth. I have also used it as a facial mask and it works very well, leaves my skin soft and refreshed.  I would highly recommend this product."

Julie B.

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