Clay and Pets Testimonials

Animal Health

"I just wanted to tell you some exciting news. My cat with IBD has had unrelenting diarrhea for the past two months. I have been trying to add Animin to his food but he just won't eat more than a little bit of food if he knows the clay is in it. I was trying to add a supplement to his food which seemed to make his symptoms worse and he actually had a couple of accidents on the floor. His diarrhea was so bad that it always sprayed outside the litter box and I had to clean the floor multiple times in the day. I was so very frustrated. I don't know why I never thought about it before, but yesterday I decided to mix the bentonite clay with water and syringe it into his mouth to make sure he was actually consuming it. About 12 hours later, he produced a perfect stool..not even a trace of diarrhea! I put some more of the clay in his food last night just to see if he might eat it this time. He ate a very small amount but refused to eat more. I didn't give him any more clay by syringe that night because he seemed very quiet and relaxed (which is unusual for him, as he is usually quite restless), so I didn't want to bother or upset him. This morning I went to check the litter boxes and there were 3 perfectly formed, solid stools, each in a different box. I was stunned and excited at the same time. There wasn't even a bit of diarrhea anywhere to be found! I am so grateful that I found your product and I am amazed at how fast it worked."

Karolin Kerti

"Hey, I just wanted you to know that I've been giving my kitty the clay for pets, for about three weeks and her diarrhea has completely cleared up. I have fought loose stools and gastro problems with her during her entire life and she's 14. I have tried every medicine the vet has prescribed, herbs, supplements, etc and nothing work.ed. I'm completely blown away and will keep her on it forever. I'm hoping it will help with her ear and skin issues too so I can get her off the hydro cortisone.
Thanks so much"

Brenda Rubash

"Our  thirty four-year-old horse was rightfully somewhat  arthritic. He had been traumatized before we started taking care of him. He won't let anyone come near him. One day he became very ill and within a day or two was not able to eat much and was lying on the ground, trying to pull his head up, trying to stand. You could tell he wanted to get up but he  couldn't stay up for long. He was extremely stiff!   I was heartbreaking.  When we would try to approach him he would struggle to his feet and was extremely stiff trying to get away. We didn't know what to do.  A well-known veterinarian, Dr. Al Plechner advised to use THIS bentonite Clay in his feed, two heaping tablespoons in his feed once a day. To our amazement within two days of eating his feed, he was up and around almost as if nothing happened. Within a week he was prancing around the property, without arthritis anymore. This was approximately 6 months ago. He is better than ever. We are truly amazed and grateful."

Dr. Karen L. MD

"Wonderful product!  Helped my cat a lot with her health! Will buy again!"

Shanean A.

"I am a great fan of natural clay for both myself and all my critters. The last order I also got the pest power which I have used before. I mix it with a little baby powder and dust both the dogs and cats using the baby powder bottle for sprinkling. So much better than putting chemicals on them!!!"

Miriam R.

"I bought this for myself and my dogs and use it externally and internally. It is good to keep on hand if your dog has eaten something questionable, like mine did. I was afraid he may have eaten something poisonous and gave it to him over 2 days he was fine afterward. I use it as a mask and I drink it, I will be reordering!!"

Neeraja L.

"We were recommended by our vet to try the clay as a last resort before having to feed the dog pharmaceuticals by mouth for a month, which also had the chance for kidney damage. We didn’t have much hope but to our surprise our dog has completely improved his digestion and skin issues (we use it both in his food and on his skin). We are excited and happy to have found a safe alternative to harsh medicine."

Calvin T.

"My pug is 12 years old, and I feel this product has helped extend her life."

Sandi G.

Bacterial Infection

"I was soooo worried about my kitty and her red gums.  I have sent her to three vets and finally on the third one the dentist explained to me how she had an inbalance in her mouth and that the clay was a natural remedy for her and the bacteria that was causing the redness in her mouth.  I felt a little better and after researching it and getting this product I felt even more at ease. Not until I finally started using it and her gums cleared up was I then feeling like a good mother to my kitty! This product is great. I have another kitty that does not have this problem but he eats this in his food too and he has no problem doing so (and the vet said it was fine for him too since it was natural).  Thank you so much for being apart of my kitty's relief and my ease!"

Channon D.


"Prior to surgery, took my dog off Clay to use the medications required after his ACL surgery.  Unfortunately, my dog has Acid Reflux and had an awful time with the medications.  I had to take him off the surgery medications, and then the trouble began.  He could not keep any food down. I got a recommendation to use Cottage Cheese which helps coats the stomach lining.  This worked for a while until I found a pure fish protein that is bio-digested.  This worked to help feed him... and we are on the way to recovery.  This is the third week after surgery, and the first meal of the day, I give him his daily supplements without the clay. I now have added the Clay back to his second and third meal.  The clay accumulates the toxins produced and  passes them out the back-end instead of through his mouth.  My dog stopped throwing up his meals.  Love this Clay!!"

Debra Y.


"Animin is a great supplement for horses. 2 heaping tablespoons 2x/day mixed in grain is the appropriate amount for an adult horse. Mix with enough water to make it stick and avoid any possibility of choking. My first experience with using the clay in horses was several years ago when one of my horses ingested a toxic plant. The vet gave her a veterinary product in a tube like paste wormer that had the clay as the main ingredient."

Louise H.


"I've had a younger Aussie with continued Giardia issues and bacterial overgrowth on top of that due to the antibiotics &/or parasite treatments. Added the Animin and since then we've made it through the treatments without him going to loose stools as well. It's also seemed to help him get back to a more normal status quicker after the treatments have stopped. We're finally Giardia clear and we will keep giving him the Animin as well!"

Michelle J.


"My mother's dog was itching badly and seemed depressed.  She was itching and sleeping throughout the day and wasn't her spunky self.  After giving her a clay bath she immediately came out wagging her tail and running around, the itching wasn't as bad either.  Not even a month later my Mother said that she is no longer itching."

Infected Abscess

"Question: My cat seems to have been bitten and her tail had abscessed and popped open. She was chewing on it and making it much worse. I put a cone on her and had been giving her Infection Fighter (herbal tincture). Can I put bentonite clay on her tail, it has dried out now since I put the cone on her, but I don't want to give her antibiotics to treat infection.

Answer:  Absolutely yes! Try wrapping a piece of damp gauze around it once you get the clay on it.The longer it stays on the better. But it needs to be wet to work.

Email From Customer 8 Days Later: The clay worked! I put one clay pack and the wet gauze you'd suggested, left it on until the next morning.  I took clay off and let open wound dry out and it is healing perfectly, it looks so good! I had panicked and called a vet, was thinking I would take her in the morning.  I had the epiphany in the middle of the night that I know what to do, I don't give my kids antibiotics, why my cat!?! Thank you for your assurance, it really helped!"

Lynn M.

Loose Stool

"I've been using this on my three dogs for about a month.  One has a very sensitive stomach and I have seen a big difference in her stool.  They all seem to be doing very well on this product.  I will continue to give it to them!!"

Lori D.

"I have a dog with IBD and chronic anal gland issues.
I came across this product on Amazon and decide to give it a try. This clay helped my dog's soft stools issues and the best part is that it worked overnight!"

Sabrina B.


"Doggy has always had a lot of plaque accumulating daily. I've been brushing doggy's teeth daily for the five yrs. I've had him. I tried a different brand of clay vet recommended a few yrs. ago and noticed a temporary improvement of less daily plaque formation. So far this product has also seemed to reduce the amount of plaque I find each day on his teeth. I'm hoping with this clay there will be long lasting improvement. Vet feels this clay is better quality than clay I used a few years ago."

Carrie W.

Poor Appetite

"Our two cats love the clay so much.  They would pick at the wet food before, sometimes none at all, and now they just woof it down!  Very exciting."

Rick M.

Snake Bite

"My dog was bit 3 times in the face by a young rattlesnake full of venom.  The worst bite was on his chin.  He needed 6 vials of anti venom to save his life.  His vet was not sure if the wound on his chin would heal properly because of the sever tissue damage.  As soon as he came home from the vet hospital, I applied a thick layer of the clay directly to the wound and left it on for about 20 minutes once a day.  I did this for about 6 weeks. He also received laser treatments 3 times a week for about 6 weeks.  Even his vet agrees, his wounds healed very well, even the one on his chin.  The original wound on his chin was a big hole but in about 2 months the hole closed up.  He is just left with one scare above his eye and also one on his chin.  The vet said this was the best recovery she has ever seen from a rattlesnake bite.  The wounds healed better than expected due to the treatments of the clay."

Nancy S.


"My cat has some digestive issues, the evidence of which I find around the house as thrown-up piles of food.  Since feeding him a pinch of clay each morning in his wet food, he has stopped vomiting pretty much entirely.  Not even fur balls."

"I am extremely confident in the effectiveness of the clay, especially after this weekend.  I was out of town this past weekend and had friends come feed the little cat for me.  To make it easy for them I didn't tell them about putting the clay in the cat's food.  For the first time in a month or 2 Charlie (my cat) had a couple days without clay, and he also had his first vomiting issue in that time.  This says to me that there is a direct correlation between Charlie's eating clay and his vomiting issue.  Eat clay = no upset stomach and no vomit.  No clay = vomit."

Zach S.

Yeast Infection

"I started giving my dog Animin Calcium Montmorillonite everyday. He had chronic yeast infections in his ears, He has been infection free since using the clay. When I got him he had parasites. He had several treatments but they didn't seem to go away. He is now parasite free. I wish I had known about the clay with my last dog. He always had ear infections. I would suggest using clay for anyone with a dog that has long ears."

Shelley S.

"One of my dogs fell in a pond filled with algae when he was a puppy. Ever since he's had yeast in his ears. I tried using Thieves Oil and the yeast would leave but it would come back. He was on the steroid Vimax which worked, but I didn't want to keep him on that long term. I've been giving him Animin every day and he's definitely detoxifying. His ears don't smell as much  and there's not nearly as much going on. My other dog also stopped eating other dogs' poop since having the clay in her diet."

Barbara O.

"I really like the Diatomaceous Earth (Pest Powder) for drying out the fleas on my cats. I'm going to order some clay product to clean my body of toxins. "

Bernadette B.

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