Clay and Infections Testimonials

"I met somebody who has an ingrown toenail that is infected.  Antibiotics were not helping so I suggested the clay.  I gave her some premixed clay to try and she said that it seemed to have reduced the redness.  Apparently she felt that it was working because I asked her if she would use it again if I gave her more, she said yes.  Of course she got more."

"I have what I think is pink eye.  I'll spare the details of what the clay has done for me, but I will say that I believe that it is helping.  I am using other natural products, but I alternate between the clay and other things because I would like to see how fast I can make it go away without modern medicine or doctors."

"My husband's co-worker's son was rushed to the hospital.  Upon evaluation they suspected it to be West Nile Virus but would have to wait a few days to get the results.  During that time the young boy could hardly move without his vitals spiking.  We gave him some clay with instructions and he gave his son a bath.  The next day his son's vitals were back to normal.  The West Nile results came back, he didn't have it.  The doctors have no clue what was wrong with him, but he is better now."

"I went through my first 8 pounds of clay in one month just because I cannot keep this wonderful product to myself.  I actually have people wanting to friend me on Facebook just so they can read my updates."

"I LOVE IT!!!  There, I said it.  But I hope that I have left you with so much more than just that."

Melissa D.

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"I originally purchased Bentonite Clay to detox my system of toxins, poisons, pesticides, insecticides, radiation (from microwave, TV and computer monitor, x-rays, airport body scans), etc.   I have been using the clay for about 4 months now and I find that I have a lot more energy.  If I was only allowed to have one medicinal item in my medicine chest, it would be Calcium Bentonite Clay.  It is good for EVERYTHING!!  I discovered a wealth of other uses for Calcium Bentonite Clay.  I have had toenail fungus since I was in my 30's.  I am now 73 and have been living with it all these years.  I was too embarrassed to wear open toed shoes or sandals.  Not anymore!!  Not only am I drinking the clay twice daily, but I apply it to my toenails a couple of times during the day and again at night before going to bed.  My nails have improved tremendously and already the two little toes are perfectly clear and free of fungus.  I figure in about six or seven months they will all be fungus free.  Six months is nothing compared to the 40 years I've had it.   I use it to clean my fruits and vegetables.  I add it to baking soda to brush my teeth. I ate something at a restaurant that didn't agree with me and as soon as I got home I drank 3 ounces and my stomach cleared up immediately (within 2 minutes).  I live in a senior community and everyone asks me what I do to keep so healthy, and I tell them Calcium Bentonite Clay.  They see the benefits and are asking me to order some for them."

Jan F.

Lyme Disease

"Having Lyme disease, it is really important for my body to detox . The clay baths really help me to do that and feel great!!!"

Kim P.


"This is definitely quality clay, Smooth and easy to drink, I made a paste for 2 different family members, one with bites all over and another with shingles. In 3 days after applying the paste, the was significant change. Thank you so much, it is difficult to trust buying online, but to my amazement, Earth's Natural Clay worked great, Will absolutely order this again."

Debbie W.

Staph Infection

"I recently had a staph infection on my instep (not MRSA per MD) which manifested with four red dots in a 1/4" square. Tried my usual essential oils but did not solve the problem. As it appeared to worsen and to ensure that it was not MRSA I went to walk-in clinic. MD verified that it was not MRSA and prescribed an antibiotic.

While taking the antibiotics the infection did not worsen but it did not go away completely. Concerned because I was due to take a trip I returned to the walk-in clinic. MD advised completing the antibiotic hat I was taking and gave me another prescription to take if it did not resolve. Not happy with the results from the initial antibiotic and not really wanting to take another I asked for inner guidance as to what to do.

Divine guidance suggested that I use clay on it. With applications of a clay/water mixture, it took only a few days for the infected site to heal!! Bless Natural Clay!"


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