Clay and Bites, Cuts and Burns Testimonials


"While trying to open a bag of frozen blue berries with a knife I accidentally sliced open my left pointer finger.  Not a smart move!  It was a deep cut... boarder-line if I would need stitches. I opted to tape it up and began applying calcium bentonite to the wound.  I am amazed at how fast the wound healed. My wife joked that I should have sliced open another finger to compare the healing process with neosporin.   No thanks!  I'm really glad that there is a God-made alternative to drug store options.  I'm truly amazed by how fast my finger healed and will continue to use Earth Natural clay for cuts and scrapes that happen in our family.  Thanks for a great great product! 



"My husband was working on something (scraping caulk with a box cutter) and by accident stabbed his hand with the box cutter, down to the bone with caulk still on the blade.  It looked horrible and he figured that the bleeding flushed out anything that wasn't supposed to be there.  He was wrong, he woke up the next morning with a bad infection (the area was purple and bright red).  He decided to apply some clay, left it on for an hour and when rinsing it off he noticed that the purple went away and the red started dulling down.  He was amazed and wished that he would have taken some before/after pictures.  The wound also healed very quickly."

Melissa D.

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"Can't say enough good things about this clay.  It is my go-to product for so many things.  It's great for facials, upset stomachs, burns, cuts & scrapes.  Anytime my daughter gets a cut, she asks for clay on it.  I even sprinkle it on my dogs food every day.  We use it for one thing or another just about every day."

Sharon C.

Bee Stings

"The other day I was mowing the lawn and disturbed some bees that were in a bush I brushed up against and 2 bees immediately stung me in my forearm (2 stings anyway). I ran into the house and put the clay mask on the area and right away the pain subsided! Left the clay on for an hour or so until it was beyond dry to the point of flaking off. Then as I examined the area and started brushing some of the superficial flaking dried clay off ...there- plain as day were the two small stingers. Zero pain through the whole ordeal, except for the 45 seconds or so that it took me to run in and grab for the clay, and absolute efficiency in removing the stingers."

Susan B.

"I was attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets who were hidden under a dock overlooking a pond. They stung my legs over 20 times! A friend had a small jar of bentonite clay paste with her and treated the stings. My legs were red, swollen and burning but the paste gave me IMMEDIATE relief! We continued to wash and reapply the clay (along w/ low doses of Benadryl at night) and all signs were gone within 4 days. Thankfully I was not allergic but I know the bentonite clay took the pain, swelling and fever out!"

Terri L.


"I bought this clay for internal use, but recently burned my hand horribly (and stupidly) on a cast iron pan I'd just pulled out of the oven under the broiler. I ran in under water and it still burned for hours, I tried burn ointment and it didn't help. Then I remembered the clay, I made a pack (1/2 clay 1/2 water) covered it with plastic wrap and left it on for two hours. It was amazing in that the clay became HOT on the outside. The pain was gone. The next day my hand look like it have been badly burned at least a week or two ago. By the end of the week the burn looked months old (I only used the clay once) and within 2 weeks you'd never knew I burned myself. It is nothing short of a miracle (and I don't say that lightly)!"


Fire Ants

"My daughter is a magnet to fire ants.  Recently she had a run in with them and I got her to take a clay bath right away, the itching stopped almost immediately."

Melissa D.

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Spider Bites

"Thank you so much for making the wonderful green clay available! I can't tell you the number of times I have used it to settle my stomach when nothing else would work. The other day I must have gotten what I think was 3 separate spider bites while I was sleeping. The bites swelled up like crazy, got all nasty & inflamed around and were extremely itchy and hurtful. I mixed some of the clay with water to a paste and applied it to the bites. Almost immediately the itchiness went away and the clay drew out the poison. After on use it felt fine and after two it was just about completely gone. The clay is totally amazing! Hey it works great as a facial and mud bath too! I love the way I feel after the mud bath...relaxed but full of energy. Thanks again for the product and all your good information."


Bug Bites

"I love your products! I recommend the clay to all my friends and I carry some hydrated clay in my purse during the summer so we can apply as needed for bug bites. I have also used it on my daughter's eczema and it has helped her tremendously."

H. Sankah

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