Cancer and Clay Testimonials

"I have liver cancer and am on chemo, since starting with earth's natural clay my tumor load numbers went from 489 to 38! Now I am not claiming that the clay did it all, but it lessened side effects of chemo and I believe that the clay really helps with making my liver fight off angiogenesis and that means no food for tumors, I tell everyone about the clay. God bless you."

Erica H.

"This clay is very fine and very pure to use. Nothing floats when you mix it. It mixes well with warm water and distributes well when you shake the preparation before you use it. I recommend this clay to all my nutrition clients who are going to have radiation or chemotherapy or who have had radiation and chemotherapy, as an agent to help remove toxins from the body. Thanks for creating this quality product at an affordable price. Cancer sufferers in particular are usually quite financially depleted and these natural remedies are within their reach - and they help!"

Nancy Shaw
The Cancer Alternative Wellness Center

"This was my first time ordering from Earths Natural Clay and I have had excellent service since the second I entered the website. I sent an asking e-mail and got response in no time, I then placed an order and was able to track the package down during the entire time it took for it to reach Norway. I will definitely order more green clay from this website and support the fine people that deals with this! Hopefully this will help cure my dads serious lung cancer. Thank you for lovely service and for selling lovely products!"

Rebecka L.

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