What You Need to Know about Calcium

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Calcium is the fifth most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, next to oxygen, silicon, aluminum, and iron. It is a necessary component in all living things and is present in non-living things that support life such as soil and water.

This vital mineral is more than just a bone health enhancer. Scientific studies have shown that calcium offers tons of benefits to our bodies but this topic is often not discussed. Here are a few facts about calcium you never heard of:

  • High calcium intake fights kidney stones.
  • Calcium stabilizes pH levels making our body less acidic.
  • Vitamin D improves the body’s ability to absorb calcium.
  • Calcium maintains a healthy jaw bone.
  • 99% of the calcium in our body is found in teeth and bones.
  • An increased calcium intake makes an individual less prone to chronic diseases.  
  • Calcium aids in the transportation of nutrients throughout the body.
  • Calcium comes from the Latin word calcis which means lime.

As we get older, our body’s ability to absorb calcium changes. This is why it’s important to keep our bones strong and healthy while we’re still young. Although a balanced diet is the best way to get calcium, supplements are also another option.  

Bentonite clay is used as a traditional detoxification tool because of its ability to remove toxins from the body. It is rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, and other trace minerals that, when ingested, can act as a supplement that replaces the missing nutrients needed by the body.


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