What is Calcium bentonite clay?

Posted by Ruby Tequin on

Calcium bentonite clay is a natural healing clay made from aged volcanic ash originally sourced in a region in Fort Benton, Wyoming. It produces a negative charge that binds with positively charged toxins and draws it out from the body.

Among other clays that belong to the smectite group, calcium bentonite is considered the rarest. It contains high levels of calcium and is known for its healing and detoxifying properties. Containing ph level more than 9, calcium bentonite clay can also alkalinize your drink when you mix a spoonful of clay powder in a glassful of water. 

Calcium bentonite clay does not have consumption restrictions as it can be easily eliminated by the body through liver and kidney. This makes it more ideal for internal clay cleansing or a natural treatment for digestive problems such as acid reflux. You can also apply it to your face back, or feet, to eliminate dead skin cells or toxins building up on the surface of the skin.


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