Types of clay

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Clay cleanse is taking off as a wellness trend that even Hollywood celebrities swear by it. But if this is your first time hearing it, you may need to start with the basics.

There are four types of clay: Bentonite, Fuller's Earth, Kaolin, and French Green. While all four types address various skin problems, each clay differs in terms of their functions.

  • Bentonite clay is the most popular clay used to treat a myriad of skin problems. Its toxin-binding properties make it ideal for people who want to remove excess sebum, bacteria, and other toxic elements building up on the surface of the skin.
  • Fuller's Earth Clay is similar to bentonite clay. The only difference is Fuller's Earth has bleaching properties and can be quite drying.
  • Kaolin is best for sensitive dry skin. It's the mildest amongst the others but, unlike bentonite, it does not absorb as many impurities as bentonite does so you need to use a gentle exfoliator to remove blackheads and excess oil.
  • Mined from Morocco, rhassoul is rich in minerals and is great for both hair and skin. It also has binding properties that can pull out sebum plugs and blackheads from your skin as well as the excess oil around hair follicles.


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