Tips for Raising a Healthy Pet

Posted by Ruby Tequin on

Feeding your pet a nutritious diet is one of the key factors in raising a healthy and happy pet--but it shouldn't stop there. Aside from a well-balanced diet, our beloved pets also need proper grooming, exercise, and regular visits to vet. Annual check-ups help prevent illnesses arising from malnutrition or infection caused by bacteria.

There are a lot of commercially produced pet foods we can readily give to our furry friends. However, some dogs and cats (especially those that are suffering from kidney diseases or malnutrition) require certain amounts of minerals for them to remain healthy. In this case, supplementing your pet's diet with calcium bentonite clay may be advisable. Bentonite clay is a popular healing clay suitable for both humans and animals. It contains negatively charged ions that bind with toxins and eliminate them through our body's detox organs. 


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