Sustainability and Pet Ownership

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Owning a pet provides a myriad of benefits. Our furry friends keep us company, cheer us up, and even guard our home when weren't around. While the advantages of having a pet are innumerable, a study shows some of its downsides.

A 2009 study by New Zealand’s Victoria University of Wellington suggested that owning a pet leaves a huge impact on our environment. According to the said study, the way we take care of our pet emits a huge amount of greenhouse gas that is equal to that of driving a compact car. Amidst all these claims, it shouldn't stop us from having a pet in our home. We can still avoid this by making sure our choices for our furry friends are sustainable and eco-friendly.


Being mindful of your buying behavior is one way to achieve sustainability. Before adding that kitty toy into your cart, imagine the amount of greenhouse gas needed to transport that tiny toy to your doorstep.

Support Local Products

Purchasing a locally produced goods does more than supporting your local community. It also gives you a chance to reduce the amount of energy (such as the gas you use going to and from the market ) you need to spend when buying pet items.


Practicing sustainable pet ownership can also save you money. Instead of buying a new toy, you can make use of cardboard boxes, threads, or balls lying around your basement. There are tons of DIY toy articles online.


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