Probiotics and What It Does To Your Pets

Posted by Ruby Tequin on

Maintaining your furry friend's digestive health is a key factor in keeping them fit and healthy. And to be able to achieve this, your pets need proper diet, physical activities, and supplements that support their immune system. 

Probiotics is originated from an Ancient Greek word which means "for life." When taken internally, these live bacteria brings back the balance of the microflora in your pet's intestinal tract resulting in an improved digestion and faster nutrient absorption. Some of its benefits include:

Urinary Health

Taking antibiotics make our gut bacteria out of whack. So taking beneficial bacteria keeps bad bacteria at bay.

Immunity System

The digestive system is a major part of your companion's immune system. Probiotics stimulate the production of lymphocytes, a white blood cell that determines the response of the immune system to infectious microorganisms. 


While the role of probiotics in losing weight is still unclear as it depends on the type of probiotics consumed, lactobacillus gasseri--a type of bacteria common probiotics have--is responsible for trimming belly fats and helping animals and humans lose weight.


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