Other Uses of Bentonite Clay

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Compared to sauna and acupuncture, clay cleanse is a safer and more natural way to detoxify your body. This type of body cleansing involves an aged-volcanic clay called bentonite (also known as Montmorillonite clay) found in California, Wyoming and Montana. Bentonite clay is known for its ability to remove toxins from the body by absorbing heavy metals and other elements that can cause illnesses and skin disorders.

Aside from detoxification properties, bentonite clay has been used for several years as a treatment of various health problems. Here are some of the uses of this healing clay:

  • As antibiotic treatment- Bentonite clay has anti-septic properties that reduces breakouts and alleviates redness of acne. It also fights allergic reactions and speeds up healing of wounds or eczema.
  • As a natural deodorant- People with sensitive skin can use bentonite clay as a substitute for chemical-infused deodorants. It absorbs moisture from your underarm without irritating your skin.
  • As mineral-infused toothpaste- Mix bentonite clay with a homemade toothpaste to take advantage of the calcium and other minerals found in the clay.
  • As substitute for stomach cleanse drink- By removing toxins from your digestive track, it increases the good bacteria living in your gut wall, bringing your stomach back to its usual rhythm.
  • As a water purifier- When hydrated, bentonite clay becomes a sponge that can absorb excess fluoride in your drinking water.
  • As a face powder- The healing clay comes in a powder form and can be directly applied to skin with irritation and redness.


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