Natural Remedies for Dog Allergies

Posted by Ruby Tequin on

Treating seasonal dog allergies does not require a visit to the vet. Sometimes, what you need has been around your house for years--and you are not even aware of it. Here are some natural remedies that might help alleviate your pup's symptoms:

Sprouted Seeds

The gut is a major part of your dog's immune system. So maintaining the gut is one way to prevent allergies. Do this by adding sprouted seeds to your little one's meal.  These seeds contain enzymes and vitamins that support the gut. Keep in mind that a healthy gut is equal to a strong immune system!


Quercetin is naturally present in nettles. It prevents the immune system from releasing histamines--a chemical that causes allergic reactions. It is also found in apples, green tea, and broccoli. 


For years, licorice has been used to treat minor ailments. It relieves inflammation in the digestive tract and eliminates inflammatory in the respiratory tract.

Aloe leaf

Aloe plant is famous for its health and beauty benefits. It is used to relieve sunburns and itchy skin for both humans and animals. This plant produces a soothing gel which can alleviate itchiness and inflammation.

Bentonite Clay (Get it here)

Earth's Natural Clay is made from pure calcium bentonite clay. Its powerful detoxifying properties can alleviate skin irritation such as insect bite, mange, and rash.


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