Minimizing Your Pet's Toxic Load

Posted by Ruby Tequin on

The biggest toxins our pets come in contact with are from their environment. It can be found in their kibbles, medications, and even in vaccines. Lowering a number of toxins they are exposed to should be done in a holistic manner. It could involve de-cluttering your house or changing their diet ultimately. Below are some tips you can consider to help you get started:

  • Bath your beloved pets with non-toxic hygiene products.
  • Use stainless food bowls instead of the aluminum ones. Aluminum is a type of heavy metal that is difficult to eliminate by the body.
  • Avoid unnecessary vaccinations and other drugs.
  • Avoid commercially produced dried kibbles and canned foods. By switching to raw or homemade diet, you have more control over the things you put in your pets’ bowls.
  • Take your dog or cat outside to walk around. Physical movement improves blood circulation which gives your pet’s kidney its much-needed boost.
  • Keep your pets away from areas where industrial factories are located.
  • Create a detox plan using bentonite clay. Well known for its toxin-binding properties, bentonite clay has the power to draw out impurities and toxins from the body. This healing clay is ideal for both humans and animals and is great for topical and internal uses.


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