Keeping Your Pet Healthy All Year Round

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Veterinarians have sworn duties to keep our pets healthy and free from any kind of sickness. On the other hand, we, as pet owners, have some responsibilities as well--and it goes beyond feeding, bathing, and giving our four-legged pals a home to stay in. 

Calorie Intake

One of our responsibilities is to make sure our cat or dog is taking in the right amount of calorie every day. Animals that are consuming less than the required calorie intake are at risk of developing illnesses while overfed pets can suffer from osteoarthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart or kidney disease, cancer, and a decreased life expectancy.

Calorie intake depends on the age, size, and weight of a cat or dog. This simple equation will help you determine how much food your beloved pet needs:

Daily Calorie Needs= 30 x (Your Pet's Weight in Kilograms) + 70


If your cat weighs 10lbs, she needs at least 180 to 200 calories every day. The same applies to a five-pound dog which requires 138 calories on a daily basis.


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