Is Your Clay Habit Not Working For You?

Posted by Ruby Tequin on

Over the years, bentonite clay has been proven to remove toxins from our body. Its detoxifying properties help both humans and animals fight illnesses and nutrient deficiencies. However, in spite of all its benefits, we’ve heard of instances where clay doesn’t work. We want you to know why – and when – clay doesn’t work.

Clay Dosage

Following the correct dosage of bentonite clay is of paramount importance. This healing clay tends to clump in the gut especially when taken with too little water. So it is important to learn the proper dosage before you transition to eating/drinking clay. 


Using clay as part of your beauty and health regimen requires a lot of patience and understanding. There will be instances in which your body experiences changes, as part of the clay's "healing" process. 


In order to reap such benefits, you should be committed to incorporating bentonite clay into your lifestyle. Start with introducing the clay into your routine by adding it to your favorite smoothie or cupcake recipe. 


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