Importance of Gut Bacteria

Posted by Ruby Tequin on

Our gastrointestinal (GI) system does more than digesting our food. It is responsible for vitamin and mineral absorption, hormone regulation, and elimination of toxins. To perform these activities, our digestive system relies on gut bacteria. 

Gut bacteria are the good kind of bacteria that help our digestive system break down food and extract nutrients. Without it, even if we're eating enough, there's a high chance that we're not getting enough nutrients. Below are reasons why we need these bacteria in our body:

Improves our immune system

Bacteria send signals to our body if something is not right. Our immune system will then make necessary changes based on what is happening in the gut. 

Influences our weight

Every day, more and more studies show the relationship of the diversity of gut flora to our weight. It says that gut bacteria fights a group of gut bacteria called Bacteroidetes, which are linked to obesity.

Supports mental health

Gut bacteria alert our brain every time our stomach is full. As the brain receives the signal, it releases satiety hormones which allow us to know when to stop eating.



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