How to Make Alkaline Water

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Alkalinity is a measure of the water's capacity to resist pH change--one of the factors that make your water acidic. There are a lot of health benefits attributed to drinking alkaline water. Not only it hydrates our body more than a normal water does, but it also lowers the acid levels in the gastrointestinal tract and stomach.

How To Alkalize Your Water

Many use various water filter systems to make their water alkaline. However, these filter systems are so bulky and expensive that people are discouraged to give it a try. To help them, we created a do-it-yourself tutorial on how to make an alkaline water using ingredients you can find at home.

STEP 1: Test the pH level of your water. Learn how by reading this article.
STEP 2: Choose from the following alkaline ingredients and add it to your purified water:
      • Baking soda
      • Fresh lemons (Use freshly sliced lemons that haven't been exposed to air for more than 30 minutes)
      • Water drops (You can purchase over-the-counter water drops sold for this sole purpose)
      • Bentonite Clay (This healing clay has an alkaline pH and high negative ionic charge that act as powerful antioxidants)

    STEP 3: Check the pH level of your water using pH strips. Refer to the pH chart to determine its acidity. Add more additives until you reach your desired alkalinity.


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