How to Cure Your Pet's Stomach Problem

Posted by Ruby Tequin on

Digestive problems are increasingly becoming a widespread condition for both humans and animals. Common causes of stomach illnesses range from allergies, abnormal changes in the weather, and sometimes stress.

While a trip to the veterinary clinic is a surefire way to treat animals with an upset stomach, opting to natural remedies goes a long way--especially with all the over vaccination and usage of antibiotics that are taking a toll on our pet's health. In fact, more and more pet owners are switching to natural alternatives over fears of toxins brought about by this practice. 

Here are some natural remedies you can do at home when your furry loved ones suffer from stomach ache or diarrhea.

Food Fasting

Just like us, animals also have "self-healing" abilities. Fasting allows the body to heal itself and helps the digestive health to recover faster. 

Watery Meals

One of the common symptoms of dogs suffering from digestive system is diarrhea. Give your pooch a watery rice porridge to keep them hydrated. You can also add veggie broth for added flavor. 

Twitching Diet

Add bananas, pumpkins, oatmeals, or other foods that are light on the stomach. These foods are easy to digest and will give your dog enough energy for him to recover. 


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