Four Ways to Use Bentonite Clay

Posted by Ruby Tequin on

Negatively charged ions, high pH balance, and trace minerals are just a few things that make bentonite clay our health staple. Whether it is taken internally or applied externally, this healing clay provides impressive results. Here are some ways you can use bentonite clay:

Internal Cleansing - Bentonite clay can be mixed with water or sprinkled on your snack. When ingested, it improves the absorption of nutrients in the gut, alleviates constipation, and prevents bacterial infections in the gut. 

Detox Bath - Nowadays, a lot of spa and beauty salons are offering detox bath using bentonite clay. When done at home, this can be a little messy but it provides a myriad of benefits not only to our skin but also to our psychological well-being.

Facial Mask- Applying bentonite clay on your face can unclog pores and prevent breakouts. Clay controls the production of sebum (oil)--giving your face a natural glow. 

Toothpaste- Acting as an antibacterial, this green clay draws and pulls out bacteria off your gums and teeth. In fact, some toothpaste manufacturers are even including as their main ingredient.


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