DIY Home Deodorizer

Posted by Ruby Tequin on

Keeping your house free from stale odors is a never-ending battle. We sometimes buy expensive air fresheners just to eliminate the smell of the spoiled food or musty odor coming from your pet's bedding. 

With all the bad experience you get from using chemical-infused sprays, have you ever considered using bentonite clay powder around your house? The clay's powerful toxin-binding properties can effectively absorb any unwanted element lurking in your air, food, or water. From toxins, bacteria, to foul odor, bentonite clay has got you covered. Here's how you can you use it:

For your bedding

Sprinkle the bentonite clay powder on the target and let it sit overnight. Remove the dust particles the next day using a vacuum. 

For smelly shoes

Fill a piece of cloth or an old sock with a cup of clay powder. Place it inside the shoes to absorb its moisture and stale odor.


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