DIY Bentonite Clay Deodorant

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We are exposed to a lot of toxins on a regular basis. One of the most harmful chemicals that we put on our bodies is our deodorant. It contains aluminum compounds, parabens, and artificial coloring that irritates the skin.

Individuals with high sensitivity to these chemicals are using natural alternatives to avoid irritation brought about by toxins. Enter: bentonite clay powder. Bentonite clay absorbs dirt and moisture from your underarms while preventing body odor and skin irritation. It has very fine texture and odorless—qualities that are important in making an effective deodorant. Here’s how you can make a natural deodorant using bentonite clay:

  • 1 Pint Size Mason Jar
  • 1 plastic measuring spoon (TBSP)
  • 1 plastic utensil for stirring 
    • (Bentonite clay has negative ions that absorbed positive-charged toxins from the metal container)
  • 2 tbsp Bentonite Clay (Absorbs wetness and pulls out toxins)
  • 4 tbsp Arrowroot powder (Controls perspiration)
  • 4 tbsp Baking Soda (Neutralizes ph balance)
  • 6 tbsp Coconut Oil (A great natural antibacterial)
  • 10 drops of Essential Oil such as Purification, Lavender, or Joy (Optional only)

How to do it:

Mix everything together including the coconut oil and bentonite clay. Once you get the smooth texture, transfer the mixture in a small jar for use.

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  • Does this mixture leave any residue on the skin?

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