Cleaning Out Your Pores Using Bentonite Clay

Posted by Ruby Tequin on

Every day, we are exposed to a lot of pollutants: smoke, dirt, and toxins. These--when left unnoticed--can clog our pores which lead to acne and blackheads. There are many ways of unclogging the pores. You can use a steam (to dissolve clogged oils), exfoliating cream, or facial clay masks.

Clay masks remove dirt and oil by pulling out substances from the pores. It is gentle on the skin and ideal for people who are sensitive to harsh chemicals and allergens found in common beauty products.

Bentonite clay is commonly used in facial masks as the main ingredient. It helps provide oxygen to cells and is rich in magnesium, silica, and calcium. When mixed with other ingredients, the clay creates a mask with wonderful detoxifying properties that can help maintain healthy skin--thanks to its negative ions that absorb positively charged toxins and other impurities. 

Many health and beauty stores offer ready-to-use clay masks for various skin types. But since bentonite clay powder is readily available in some stores, you can make your own clay masks at the comfort of your home. Check out our do-it-yourself recipe here.


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