Burns, Bites & Abrasions...

Posted by Bradley Lewis on

Calcium Bentonite Clay can be an effective way to treat all sorts of burns, bites, bee stings and abrasions.

Burns coated with clay seem to heal faster and leave less of a scar when treated with clay. Bites, itch less and heal quicker. Bee stings are the same and abrasions often disappear overnight.

For all skin damage, apply cold clay, in thick poultices, to the the entire area. Reapply wet poultices until the tenderness subsides.

Bentonite Clay also reduces the risk of infection and absorbs all the impurities found in the wound.

If an abrasion is bleeding you can sprinkle dry clay directly into the wound and it will speed up the clotting process and protect the wound from infection. Once the bleeding stops apply a thin layer of hydrated clay to the area. The area should be rinsed and cleaned two to three times per day and a new application of clay should be applied.

Don't forget your clay when you travel. As important as your toothbrush, keeping a supply of clay with you can really come in handy for that occasional skin wound or irritation.


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