Bentonite clay and its adsorption properties

Posted by Ruby Tequin on

Adsorption is a type of process in which a certain molecule enters or gets attached only to the surface of another material. This ability can be attributed to the negatively charged ions found on the surface of bentonite clay. When hydrated, the clay becomes a powerful magnet that attracts toxins and other impurities from the body--making it ideal for individuals who are looking for natural ways to detoxify their skin and internal organs.

Also, it has been proven that bentonite clay can also accumulate high energy gamma radiation. In fact, a group of scientist from Duke University fully supported this claim following their study on the said healing clay. They conducted an experiment in which they used two sets of human DNA: one part is covered with the clay while the other was not. Based on the study, the parts covered with bentonite clay healed faster than those that are not protected by the clay. The study seconded that the healing green clay can, indeed, protect us from the harmful effects of gamma radiation.



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