Benefits of Bentonite Clay

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Bentonite clay, also called as Montmorillonite clay, is now becoming a popular wellness trend for people who want to naturally detoxify their bodies and improve their immune system. Formed from an aged-volcanic ash, this clay is enriched with minerals such as potassium, iron, and magnesium that can be used for internal and external detoxification.

The following are the proven health benefits of bentonite clay in our body:

Controls the Sebum Production

Sebum is an oily, sticky substance produced by the sebaceous glands. It keeps your skin supple by maintaining a right amount of moisture. However, when the sebaceous glands overproduce sebum, your skin attracts acne causing bacteria, leading to infection and serious breakout.

Bentonite clay has the ability to absorb excess oil from your face. Mix it with water and dab it on your face before hitting the sack.

Detoxifies the Skin

Bentonite clay is known for producing strong negative charge when hydrated. When the negative charge gets in contact with a toxin, its electrical components absorb all the impurities and release the minerals for the body to use.

Makes Skin Glow

Using bentonite clay as a face mask keeps your skin free from impurities. It gets rid of dead skin cells and excess oil that will otherwise clog your pores. Mix the clay mask with water and use it every night for better results.  

Reduces the Appearance of Scars

Aside from detoxifying your skin, bentonite clay is also used as an effective remedy for people who are prone to acne. When used as a face mask, the clay can lighten the appearance of scars and stretch marks and reduces the redness and inflammation of acne.

Regenerates Skin Tissue

Many people include bentonite clay in their healing beauty rituals because of its skin-regenerating properties. Activated clay has the ability to repair skin tissue, which makes the healing faster.

Using bentonite clay powder as the main ingredient, add oatmeal, water, and any anti-septic herb like garlic, thyme, or calendula to create your do-it-yourself healing beauty mix.

Bentonite clay is ideal for people looking for a natural, safe, and inexpensive way of removing toxins from our body. From basic skin problems to internal detoxification, this tried-and-tested natural method of healing can help you.  


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