Detox Healing Crisis

Posted by Bradley Lewis on

When Is Too Much of a Good Thing Too Much?

From time to time, we hear of people experiencing an exacerbation of symptoms when using calcium bentonite clay as part of a detox protocol. One explanation for this is that the body – its muscles, tissues, fat, and cells – have memory and everything that’s ever been consumed that contained residues lay dormant and remains in the body.

Even with the adoption of a clean diet and lifestyle, toxic residue accumulated and got stored in the body’s cells, undisturbed, like years’ worth of dust on a window sill. Detoxification is akin to a spring cleaning. As residues and other toxins are pulled from the body, they’re disturbed and the well-seated dirt and dust permeates the body with the scattered forgotten debris. As a result, the initial issues you may be trying to resolve with detoxification can come back in droves. This is often called a healing crisis.

It’s always best to listen to your body. Everyone is different. One size doesn’t fit all. The symptoms being experienced are likely only temporary and a positive sign that you are on the right track. It’s especially important to drink lots of water to help with elimination. Be sure to keep your bowel habits regular too. Water will help with this, as well as psyllium husks, prunes or prune juice and flaxseed. Be sure also to get much needed rest. Above all, listen to your body and do what’s best for you, including a visit to your doctor if symptoms persist.


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