Calcium Bentonite Clay Supports Homeostasis

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Most often when the word homeostasis brings to mind ‘bring into balance’ and ‘equilibrium’. More specifically, it refers to the ability of a cell or group of cells (the body) to stabilize its ability to function internally when having to contend with external forces, such as stress, toxins and side effects of other substances. The body requires a stable internal environment for optimal health.

Homeostasis applies to the different systems of our bodies. For example, homeostasis in the blood is regulated by the kidneys, lungs, liver and pancreas through a series of complex interactions. A simpler example is when body temperature becomes elevated, as with physical activity, the body begins to sweat in an effort to bring our core temperature back to normal. The digestive system is another bodily system that seeks homeostasis. pH balance and helpful bacteria are required for the digestive system to maintain equilibrium.

The beginning points of the digestion process – the mouth and the stomach – are more acidic because that is needed to begin the breakdown of food. However, the enzymes in the small intestine cannot function well in an acidic environment and require a high pH to do their job. So how does the digestive system get out of kilter? The assaults creating imbalance in the digestive system are many including:

• consumption of the Standard American Diet,
• physical and psychological stress,
• environmental toxins and
• side effects of prescription medications.

In addition, a dysfunctional digestive system can result in fecal matter remaining in the 23 – 26 foot intestinal tract. Over time, this fecal matter decays and becomes putrefied, creating more imbalance and assault on the system. Absorption of nutrients from food can also be negatively impacted as a result, resulting in malnutrition.

Therapeutic-grade calcium bentonite clay assists in bringing homeostasis to the digestive system by raising the pH of the intestinal tract. This environment supports the enzymatic processes required to digest and assimilate food. As a negatively-charged detoxifier, pure calcium bentonite clay taken internally attracts the putrefied fecal matter to it and is eliminated from the body. This helps to improve the functioning of the digestive system. Every being is individual with varying constitutions. As with so many things, it’s best to listen to your body and follow its signals about what it responds to best.




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