Three Easy New Year’s Detox Methods

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The holidays are for many a time of excessive consumption of
sweet, processed and rich, fatty foods. Alcohol is typical in holiday
celebrations and the discipline to abstain or imbibe in moderation can be tough
in social settings with abundant merry making. For many, the holidays are anxiety-producing,
stressing the body’s already overloaded ability to handle pollutants and toxins.
The good news is that the start of a new year is a great time to turn it all
around and return to health and wellness. This post describes three easy ways
to detox from the excesses of the holidays with pure calcium bentonite clay.

Foot Bath

A foot bath can be a very relaxing experience at the end of
a busy day or part of a quiet night at home in preparation for a good night’s
sleep. Fill a small, plastic dishpan halfway with hot water from the tap. (Plastic
dishpans can be found at discount department stores as well as $.99 stores for
less than $2.00 in most areas.)  Do NOT use metal containers! Add 4 ounces (1/4 cup)
of calcium bentonite green clay for external use to the pan of hot water. Place your
feet in the dishpan and swirl the water. Feel the clay surround the tops of your feet
and in between each of your toes. Keep feet submerged until the water begins to cool.

To finish the experience, be sure not to rinse your feet. You may wish to rub
cold-pressed coconut oil or hexane-free castor oil on the bottoms of your feet before
putting socks on. These can become your ‘foot bath socks’. The coconut oil will soften
like nothing you’ve ever tried. The castor oil will continue to pull toxins out of the feet
overnight. In the morning, wash feet with soap and water. If needed, baking soda can be
rubbed on the soles of the feet to remove the castor oil.

Clay Bath

A clay bath should become a weekly ritual for general health  and wellness and cleansing.
Many people report profound and deep sleep after a clay bath and there are testimonials on this website regarding clay baths and psoriasis. As the bathtub is filling, add 8 ounces of calcium bentonite green clay for external use under the spout. Some people prefer to mix the clay with water first then add it to the bath, but I find that unnecessary. (I enjoy feeling the small lumps of clay in between my fingers and toes and take pleasure in melding them into my hands.) Just because the clay is doing its job externally via the skin does not mean it’s less effective. Adults have reported experiencing a healing crisis from a single clay bath, so do listen to your body and start with just 8 ounces of dry clay per bath.

Clay baths for children are becoming more popular as the results people experience are written about. Since children are smaller than adults, the amount of clay used in the bath and the amount of time in the water needs to be adjusted accordingly.
Find specifics on this on our FAQs page.

Drinking Clay

A great way to detoxify from the inside out is by ingesting pure calcium bentonite clay for internal use. If you’re a regular consumer of clay, you can add an ounce or two daily to your routine for additional detoxing. If you are new to clay, add one ounce of pure calcium bentonite clay for internal use to 8 ounces of purified water in a glass or food-grade plastic bottle. Shake well and drink one ounce daily until gone. Be sure to drink at least 64 ounces of purified water daily. You may continue a second week with two ounces daily.  As with anything, you must listen to your body and heed its signals.

The most common side effect with drinking clay is constipation. This is likely the result of putrefied fecal matter being pulled
from the crevices of the entire intestinal tract. While you want to remove such toxic matter, you don’t want to be uncomfortable. Your options are to add flax seeds, prune juice, psyllium husks to your diet along with lots of purified water. Or you can cut back on the amount of clay you’re consuming.

Whichever method you choose to detoxify, cleansing the body with clay is a great way to start a new year and sets the stage for healthier choices in the months to come!



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