One Woman’s Amazing Journey

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We don’t often publish testimonials on this blog, but we had to share this recent email from one of our customers. It is copied here verbatim.

A year and a half ago I suddenly developed a dreadful skin condition that has been recently biopsied and diagnosed as Pleva…a condition which has no known cause and presents itself as a chicken-pox like rash … Itchy in nature and often blistering. The spots can be small or up to a half an inch in diameter, blister badly and leave brown scars! I suffered my outbreaks mostly on my lower legs but many other places as well.

The most effective treatment is UV treatment but also in some cases liver damaging drugs are prescribed! An anti inflammatory diet is also recommended! I followed all protocols for my condition and was able to in some manner keep things calm but my skin was always in constant eruption. I believed in my heart that this inflammatory condition was a sign that I had an overload of toxins in my body perhaps metal…which lead me to investigate Heavy Metal Toxicity. I was fully intending to get tested but stumbled upon a world of information about Clay! I had nothing to lose in trying a regime of Clay and it certainly was hugely less expensive and less stressful than a regime of tests and Chelation therapy so I began with Bentonite hydrated clay every day and then 2 weeks later added Clay Baths to my routine!

For the first time in a year and a half my body is clear of all the Pleva spots! Wow! I am singing from the highest mountain to all who will hear… Clay is a Must-Have for all of us! We are bombarded with toxins and metals every day and we desperately need to cleanse ourselves of these invaders so we can heal naturally! I am a living example that it is possible to go beyond treating the symptoms and get to the underlying cause!

And…in closing I must say how amazed and perplexed I am how few people know about Healing Clay! I guess I’ll sing louder!



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