BodyPure+ Detox Pads and The Veggie Bed

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BodyPure+ DetoxPads

The vast majority of our customers use calcium bentonite clay to cleanse and detoxify. Drinking clay isn’t for everyone and there are detoxifying alternatives available. One such method is BodyPure+ DetoxPads. These are worn at night, one foot at a time to stimulate reflexology points, enhance circulation, remove toxins and combat fatique.

The first active ingredient in DetoxPads is high quality, distilled bamboo vinegar. This makes it 30 times more effective than ordinary vinegar. It contains rich minerals with strong absorption capabilities that accelerate the elimination of impurities through the soles of the feet. The second active ingredient is tourmaline, one of the few minerals in nature that emits far infrared energy. This stimulates and enhances the cells functions and promotes healing.

What we love about these pads is that for $15 you can send in a pad after you’ve worn it overnight and have it tested for 7 elements. For $25 they will test your pad for 15 elements. We are in the process of trying these before deciding if we will carry them. If you’ve used these and have comments, please share them here.

The Veggie Bed

Andrea Vincent was inspired to make a difference in the world when she saw a photo of a baby stork enveloped in a plastic bag on  Oprah. She came up with this reusable produce bag which is designed to fit in the child seat or base of your grocery cart. They’re very sturdy and very reasonably priced. While we reuse our produce bags until they tear, this is a great idea for people that want to do away with produce bags altogether.

What’s also cool about Andrea is that her story actually got her a seat in Oprah’s biggest fan show – the season premiere with John Travolta. And yup! She got to go on the trip to Australia with Oprah, Gayle and 300 of her (then-newest) best friends. When we spoke to Andrea at the show, she had an appointment with an editor at O Magazine about being featured in an upcoming issue. We’re crossing our fingers that they feature The Veggie Bed!


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