Skinny Shake with Calcium Bentonite Natural Clay

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Dr. Joel Fuhrman is a board-certified medical doctor who specializes in nutritional medicine whose program helps to prevent and reverse disease. Dr. Fuhrman’s “skinny shake”  was recently featured on an episode of the Dr. Oz show about the “Oz-Approved Crash Diet”. (The two docs went to college together!) Dr. Fuhrman states that flushing toxins from the body help to release fat from the body as well. Toxins can get trapped between your cells and can cause bloating. This shake repairs cellular damage caused by eating processed foods.

The detoxification power of this shake has been boosted with the addition of Earth’s Natural pure calcium bentonite clay, from the pristine Mojave Desert in California. The calcium bentonite clay in this recipe is purified volcanic ash with a strong negative ionic charge, which becomes ‘alive’ when hydrated.  Negatively charged ions can enhance our immune defenses, reduce susceptibility to colds and the flu as well as provide relief from migraine headaches, allergies and hay fever. On the other hand, positive ions are what comprise toxins, impurities, viruses and pollutants such as free radicals. Positive and negative are attracted to one another, an ionic exchange happens and voila! The bad stuff is eliminated from the body.

Dr. Fuhrman provided the following information about the three ingredients in his “skinny shake”.  The fourth ingredient is how I revved up the detoxification benefits in the shake. Adding clay to smoothies is a really easy way to get your daily dose!

  • Pomegranate juice is anti-angiogenic, which means that it inhibits the growth or progress of cancer cells and tumors by preventing the formation of new blood vessels. Pomegranate juice also is believed to help reduce inflammation.
  • Strawberries are also anti-angiogenic and can help prevent oxidative stress.
  • Lemon juice has vitamin C, possesses anti-bacterial properties, is a detoxifier, aids in digestion and can help reduce stress, according to Dr. Fuhrman.
  • Calcium bentonite clay is a non-toxic, safe detoxifier that works by attracting molecules comprised of positively charged ions to its interior and its surface.


    • 1 c. fresh or frozen strawberries

    • 4 oz. pomegranate juice

    • 4 oz. purified water (or more depending on preference)

    • Squeeze of lemon/juice of ½ lemon (or to taste)

    • 1 tsp. pure calcium bentonite clay

    • Ice to preference

    Blend together in blender and enjoy! To see a video of this shake being made, visit Earth’s Natural Clay’s YouTube channel. Stay well and let us know in the comments below how you liked the smoothie!

    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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