Bentonite Clay Removes Toxic Heavy Metals

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We wanted to share with you a wonderful blog post from our friends over at Natural News. You can read the post on it's original page here.

(NaturalNews) Bentonite clay has a very strong negative ionic charge. This  negative ionic charge attracts things that have a positive charge, such as heavy  metals, toxins, harmful bacteria, pesticides, and other pathogens. By divine  design, bentonite clay does not attach to anything beneficial in the body. The  clumping action of clay binds to heavy metals and pathogens to prevent them from  passing through the intestines to the bloodstream. The clay binds with these  toxins and then makes an exit via the colon and the kidneys.

Bentonite clay can help alleviate rashes, eczema, food allergies, food  poisoning, colitis, viral infections, and parasites. It is effective in treating  many digestive conditions and also aids in weight loss. Bentonite clay  remineralizes cells and tissues, alkalizes the body and is also effective in  protecting our bodies against radiation.

Bentonite Clay for Heavy Metal Detoxing

When the body absorbs a toxic heavy metal, the metal is distributed throughout  the body by osmotic pressure. Osmosis takes tissues with higher levels of metal  and redistributes the metals to tissues with fewer quantities. Drinking liquid  bentonite clay from the health food store for a week at a time, every six months  or so can help remove toxins and metals from the GI tract. By removing those  metals from the GI tract first, before chelating the brain, you may avoid  relocating metals to the central nervous system through osmosis. In the case of  toxic metals in the brain or other organs, cleansing the colon of metals drops  the gradient levels there and causes the metals to naturally begin to flow out  of the body via the colon.

Bentonite clay  can even remove radioactive uranium, cesium or plutonium from the skin and  digestive tract. If exposed to any of these elements, administer clay baths and  drink bentonite clay to remove radioactive particles from the body as quickly as  possible.

Bentonite Clay for Treating Rashes

Rashes that are not treatable with anti-fungal creams, zinc oxide or  antibiotics are often due to metal toxicity.

Those ugly diaper rashes  are often a reaction to the thimerosal in the diapers. Thimerosal is 50 percent  mercury and used as a disinfectant in diapers, Kotex, bandages, gauze and other  products. A clay bath will draw metals out of the skin and pores of the body  helping to cleanse the body.

The cheapest source of bentonite  clay is in fresh kitty litter which is made from dried and ground-up  bentonite. Warning! Kitty litter may also contain toxic chemical additives to  defeat odors so select the kitty litter with “ground clay” as the only  ingredient.

Use an old pillowcase to make a sack and pour three to  four pounds of clean kitty litter or other bentonite clay particles into the  sack. Tie a knot in the top of the sack or tie a string around the neck of the  sack. Throw the sack of clay into a tub that is filling with hot water for  soaking the body. The pillow case will keep the clay particles from going down  the bathtub drain and causing plumbing problems. Soak for as long as possible  while re-heating the water as desired, leaving the sack of clay in the water the  whole time. Two hours is a really good soak and 20 minutes would be a bare  minimum.

This tub soak with bentonite clay can also get rid of nasty foot  odors due to heavy  metals in the feet. (Heavy metals tend to wick to moister and “gravitate” to  the feet.)

There is a trace of aluminum in bentonite, but it cannot be  assimilated and is hardly worth fretting about unless your body is intolerant to  aluminum. Generally speaking, the bentonite will always pull out far and away  more toxins than it will leave. If you are sensitive to aluminum it’s best to  take Oxypowder instead of Bentonite Clay.

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