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In mid-October, Earth’s Natural Clay exhibited their pet line of products, featuring Animin, our calcium bentonite clay for all species of animals at the California Pet Expo at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.  There were a lot of interesting animal products being sold, but here are three we thought were especially cool.

Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover

This is an ingenious product for households who have cats, dogs or even children who have too much fun playing with toilet paper rolls! This is a patent-pending design that is handmade right here in San Diego. It protects toilet paper in the bathroom from paws and little hands that love to destroy it. There are a HUGE assortment of fabric patterns, so you’re sure to find one you like!  At $13.99, this device will pay for itself in a matter of weeks, depending on how many children, furry friends and other members of the household you have. You can find all kinds of videos on YouTube and see for yourself the problem this unique product solves! This also makes a great hostess or housewarming gift!

Old Ben’s Workshop Hummingbird Swing

Old Ben’s Workshop features handcrafted wild bird feeders and feed products. Handmade products are crafted right here in San Diego, California. Here in San Diego, hummingbirds are plentiful and we see them year around. We will often see one hanging out on the clothesline…just balancing on it like a high wire artist!

We love garden art and this hummingbird feeder is not only functional, but it’s beautiful too! I learned that hummingbirds are territorial and will protect their food source near the swing. The red plastic bead attracts the bird to the swing.  Ben Zlotnik of Old Ben’s Workshop tells me that the bully is the bird that will be found sitting there. At $9.95 this makes a great holiday or hostess gift for bird lovers and gardeners alike!

Booster Bath

The Booster Bath is the third product we thought was cool enough to share with you. AND it’s made in Lakeside, California, just outside San Diego.  We could see that this unit is very well made!

Their motto is “elevates, contains, and drains. You stay dry!” It can be used outdoors, in the basement or the garage. They have three different sizes available as well as a booster step for geriatric dogs. The main benefit is that it saves your back and makes washing and drying your dog easier. The legs come off easily so that storage is easy. It also makes the entire process not only easier on people, but quicker and less stressful on your pet too! There are a number of videos that show the product in action, as well as a veterinarian endorsing the product.


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