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Clay Facials Are Great, But Wait! There’s More!

Melissa Stone, owner of Balance Studio Spa in Felton, California has been doing food facials on herself since she was 9 years old. As a youth, when Melissa had a blemish or was down, she would go into the family kitchen and see what she could whip up. She was always reading Women’s Day and other like magazines that often had articles about putting various kitchen ingredients on your face.

Melissa opened Balance Studio Spa eight years ago and was doing massage and spa treatments. When she added an esthetician to her services, she decided to bring back her organic, food facials that worked so well for her as a kid. It’s a great way to get a super affordable facial – and it’s all natural! Her studio spa also offers natural ways using herbs, food and now calcium bentonite clay to help detox, nourish and balance out your skin.

Using food is as organic as you can get in skin care. It’s also another great way to connect with food from Mother Nature.

Featured Ingredients in Balance Studio Spa’s Food Facials

  • Aloe Vera and Egg White
    • Melissa makes a base for the food facials of aloe vera and egg white. Aloe vera soothes, hydrates, moisturizes, refreshes and heals skin with its amazing properties. The aloe plant contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, natural sugars, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Egg whites tone and tighten the skin and help deliver the other ingredients in the facial when used as a base.
  • Calcium Bentonite Clay
    • Melissa starts her facials with a calcium bentonite clay mask with Earth’s Natural pure calcium bentonite clay from the Mojave Desert. Clay is known for its magnificent drawing powers, pulling impurities and toxins through the skin. It also makes for an effective yet gentle exfoliant.
  • Pumpkin
    • This ingredient is very timely right now, being in the midst of the holidays. Pumpkin replenishes and balances the skin and is rich in vitamins A and C. Pumpkin also contains enzymes that help to brighten and nourish. Rosacea responds well to pumpkin on the skin because of it’s soothing effect.
  • Banana
    • Bananas include vitamins that improve complexion and smooth wrinkles when applied directly to the skin. Nutritionally, vitamin C and B6, along with manganese in bananas help improve complexion from the inside out. Melissa says it’s also great for acne and oily skin without being too drying.
  • Tomato and Cucumber
    • The idea for these ingredients came from a Dr. Oz show. He talked about tomatoes and lycopene and suggested that you could get a face lift by eating them. Tomatos have antioxidants and are slightly acidic, so they also exfoliate. They’re especially good for maturing skin. Cucumber is very nourishing and hydrating. Melissa mixes these together.

To see how it works, watch Melissa as she is interviewed on the Honey and Green Tea show.


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