Adsorption and Absorption

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Feeling Centered and Balanced With Clay

People often report feeling well, grounded, and energetic while using calcium bentonite clay. Similar feelings are experienced in natural environments like forests and lakes. It is a feeling of being at balance. Incorporating calcium bentonite clay in your daily routine can help bring balance to life when you’re too busy to get out into nature. This happens through the process of clay stabilizing it’s ions.
In numerous blog posts and descriptions, we refer to the adsorptive (with a “D”) and absorptive (with a “B”) properties of calcium bentonite clay. Natural clay naturally has a negative charge which is activated when the clay is hydrated. This negative charge creates a pulling effect, drawing positively charged ions to it conceptually similar to a magnet. The terms adsorb and absorb refer to the reaction of the positive and negative molecules when they interact with each other.


Clay Adsorption

Adsorption occurs when molecules of one substance adhere to the surface of another substance. In the case of healing green clay, the toxic molecules stick to the surface of the clay as it passes through the body. The clay’s adsorptive property can be attributed to the negative charge found on the surface of the clay. These charges act like a magnet, pulling and drawing toxins to it. The toxins adhere to the nooks and crannies created when the clay is hydrated. The bond formed between the substances in adsorption is fairly loose. Think of the way a magnet sticks to the refrigerator. The magnet sticks to the surface, but can be easily pulled off.
One of the uses for calcium bentonite clay that depends on this property is the adsorption of radiation. A study was performed by Duke University (Chem Duke University, “Adenine”) in which scientists researched the effects of bentonite clay in reducing radiation. The study found that parts of the human DNA and RNA exposed to radiation recovered faster in bodies that contained the clay. The bentonite clay protected the surface of a particular part of the DNA known as adenine from high energy gamma radiation. You can read more about this and other studies in the article, Bentonite Clay Adsorbs Radition by Donna Rae of
Bentonite clay is highly absorptive. The clay’s absorptive properties can first be observed when hydrating the clay. The water molecules combine with clay to form a new substance. Once absorption has taken place, the bond between the molecules is very strong and not easily undone.
When taken internally, the bentonite clay travels through the body attracting positively charged impurities. Among other things, bacteria, heavy metals, and pesticides all of have a positive ionic charge. The hydrated clay uses the impurities to fill gaps in it’s internal structure, while leaving negatively charged molecules (the good stuff) untouched. These gaps are formed when the clay is hydrated and is what gives the clay it’s negative charge. Absorptive clays expand to accommodate the process of pulling out toxins and impurities, hence the reason calcium bentonite clay is known properties.


It is no coincidence people report feeling well, grounded, and having more energy while using clay. It is the science behind calcium bentonite clay in action. Put the clay’s natural properties to work for you by drinking, bathing, or body wrapping in clay. Taken internally, the clay is eliminated from our bodies through normal digestion and perspiration processes. Used externally as a poultice or bath, the clay and impurities are washed off the skin post-treatment.
Do you use clay in your everyday life? If so, we’d love to hear about your experience! Let us know!


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