Natural First Aid with Calcium Bentonite Clay

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I want to let you in on my favorite all natural first aid secret that makes packing a breeze. This single universal product is a natural clay that packs a powerful punch for holistic health and detoxing. But first, I have a confession to make…

I admit it. I am a habitual over-packer.

Like a boyscout, I aim to be prepared for anything. It amazes me that somehow I always manage to zip my suitcase shut. And I truly think I’ll use it all. Who am I kidding, right?

But the one exception to my over-packing habit? My toiletries bag.

I’ve got this part down to a science. In my clear reusable quart sized bag, I can fit everything I’ll need for personal hygiene AND first aid.

My Secret to a Perfectly Packed Toiletries Bag

How do I do it? Simple. I’ve discovered a single universal product that helps with everything from insect bites and traveler’s diarrhea to tooth aches and pimples. The best part is it isn’t a liquid, so there’s no restriction on just how much I can bring along.

My secret weapon is calcium bentonite clay. The same Earth’s Natural Clay drinking powder I use at home for detoxifying gets packed into my suitcase for every trip.

Calcium Bentonite Clay for Universal First Aid

The drinking powder is a fine mesh of volcanic smectite clay that boosts my body’s ability to heal itself. Scrapes, cuts, and infections are no match for the amazing properties of the clay. Infections get drawn out. Scrapes and cuts are nourished through the healing process with minerals. And, I get the relief of knowing that there are no chemicals or additives. Just 100% natural resources straight from the Mojave Desert.

When the goal is relaxation and feeling pampered, I avoid wasting money at pricey spas by bringing the spa to me. The same calcium bentonite clay I drink in the mornings makes a fantastic face mask.

Vacationing with Healing Green Clay

If my vacation calls for sandals or a barefoot walk on the beach, I can use the clay to make a detox foot bath. The soothing effects of the clay bring life back to my cracked heals and make them flip flop ready.

Traveling to places that are tropical and warm is ideal. But what about the sunburns, insect bites, and possible exposure to new bacterias? Clay can counter and relieve these too!

Try a soothing clay mud to cool a sunburn. Or, try our ready to use Wound Warrior to relieve itching from bug bites.

Poor sanitation in some under developed areas can result in bacteria, parasites, or viruses contaminating drinking water and food. Drinking purified water is highly encouraged, but what if you also want to indulge in some of the local cuisine? Drink clay water before meals to protect your body from possibly contaminated food.

Viruses, parasites, infections, and bacteria have a positive ionic charge. Bentonite clay has a negative ionic charge. The clay’s adsorptive and absorptive properties will draw the impurities out as it passes through your body.


For millions of people, traveling is a event to be anticipated. While I will probably continue to over pack my suitcase, you can bet I’ll be prepared for anything with my secret weapon, calcium bentonite clay.


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