Meet Our Community Manager Danielle Miller

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welcoming new team member

How did you become a Community Manager?

My career in social media relations began when I started marketing my father’s graphic design business before I was even in college. Navigating the social networking sites came naturally to me. As the years passed, I was approached by other businesses to help build social media profiles and manage online marketing strategies.

After moving to Maui in 2010, my social roots were planted again. I began working with SwellWomen Surf Vacations managing their online marketing and social media profiles. Sharing my success stories as a Social Networking Consultant with Earth’s Natural owner, Save The Planet Janet, prompted our partnership. My position as her Community Manager blossomed shortly after our meeting in February 2012.

At what point were you able to turn your work into a viable business?

For years, my role as the go-to social media guru was seen secondary to my positions as Realtor, Bartender, or Events Coordinator. I think it took a while for the business world to catch on to the value of hiring a social media specialist.

In 2012, when I began working with SwellWomen, I got the push and encouragement to secure my services as a viable business. I created an LLC, got my GE license, and ordered my business cards. Before I knew it, the business was born. Looking forward, I am excited to be hosting a How-To webinar this week and a live class at the Maui Business Resource Center next month.

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not helping small businesses grow their communities?

As a Maui resident, I am so blessed to have amazing weather, beautiful beaches, and lots of hiking trails to explore year-round. There are waterfalls to hike to, waves to play in, and plenty of fun to be had outdoors. After my very first surf lesson early this summer, I can’t wait to get out and try surfing again too.



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